Basics of Deep Learning
Fundamentals of Neural Network

What you will learn

Basics of Deep Learning

Evolution of deep neural network and their application.

Concepts behind neural network

Basic details on ANN, CNN and RNN


Have you ever wondered what is Deep Learning and how it is helping today in powering Artificial Intelligence?

This basic course in Deep Learning may unravel some of them. You dont need any technical or coding background to know the basic fundamentals of Neural Network. This course is designed for functional consultants, product managers as well as developers and architects.

Contents of the course:

1. Inspiration for Deep Learning

2. Key Concepts of Deep Learning

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3. Improving the model

4. Convolutional network

5. Recurrent network

6. Word representation





Lecture 2 – Inspiration for Deep Learning

History of Deep Learning

Section 3 – Key Concepts of Deep Learning

Key Concepts of Deep Learning
Key Concepts

Lecture 4 – Improving the model

Improving the model
Optimizing the model

Section 5 : Convolutional Network

Lecture 5 – Convolutional network

Lecture 6: Recurrent network

Recurrent network

Lecture 7 : Word representation

Word representation
Word representation