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best practice Tests for Aruba Clearpass Professional Certification 2021

What you will learn

Practice Tests for Aruba Clearpass Professional Certification

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The Aruba Certified

ClearPass Professional

(ACCP) exam questions

cover the topics listed

below. The questions include

Policy Service Configuration

and Enforcement, Identity-

Based Management,

NAC/Posture Assessment,

Secure guest access with

user self-registration, captive

portal pages, troubleshooting

and administration.

Preparation for the exam

includes familiarity with the

ClearPass Policy Manager

(CPPM) and ClearPass Guest

(CPG) courseware, or its

equivalent ClearPass boot


List of Topics

• Clear Pass Overview

––Understand the different products in the ClearPass portfolio

–– Installation and initial Setup of ClearPass Policy Manager and

ClearPass Guest

––Setup of Network Access Devices in ClearPass Guest and

ClearPass Policy Managers

• Policy Service Configuration

––Understand policy service configuration for different authentication


––Understand service rules

––Understand various mandatory and optional components of a

policy service

––Understand policy service flow

––Configuration of various user databases

––Understand policy manager roles and role mapping policies

• Enforcement and Posture

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––Enforcement policy and Enforcement profile creation and use

––Design of good enforcement policies

––Posture and Onguard configuration and use

––Understand various health checks and posture tokens

––Understand Device profiling

• External Authentication servers

––Configuration of LDAP and AD as authentication server

––Using AD to authenticate ClearPass Guest operators

––Understand the use of AD attributes for roles, enforcement

policies and operator profiles

• Policy Manager Troubleshooting and Administration

––Access Tracker use for troubleshooting

––Understand the Policy Simulation feature configuration and use

––Report generation concepts

––Basics of server configuration, log configuration

––Understand policy manger cluster configuration and deployment


––Understand configuration of server certificates on policy manager

• ClearPass Guest Configuration

––Understand ClearPass Guest Roles and Attributes

–– Integration of ClearPass Guest with Aruba Controllers

––Configuration of ClearPass Guest Roles and attributes

––Various operators profiles and operator accounts

––Guest self registration configuration and hotspot setup

• Onboarding

––Understand Onboard process and configuration

––Knowledge of various Onboard setup types based on deceive


––Onboard use cases

• ClearPass Guest Troubleshooting and Administration

––RADIUS and Web login page debugging

––ClearPass guest report generation

––ClearPass Guest backup and restore process

––ClearPass guest system settings options and defaults

––High Availability configuration on ClearPass Guest