Step 4 – The Parent Group

What you will learn

Benefits of forming a parent group.

Laying the groundwork for potential outcomes.

Strategies for building membership.

Resources for parent groups.

Strategies for developing a positive image in your community and district.

Best practices and logistics for forming a parent group.


Welcome Fellow Parent!

Welcome to our course A Strategic Roadmap For Dyslexia Parent Groups – Step 4. Please make sure to download the OFFICIAL WORKBOOK link on our website and open to Step 4. This guide will help you navigate this lecture.

Banding Together Is The Key

We are equipping you with the tools to start a grassroots organization to bring about a lasting systemic change to the way your district teaches reading. This will not only help children with dyslexia, but will benefit all children in the school district. Most colleges of education don’t teach about dyslexia or the Science of Reading. Don’t believe your district is looking out for your children.They may not know about the science, or worse, they could be misdirected by financial concerns. There’s a certain process of grief (Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s, Five Stages of Grief ) that you may experience as you realize you can’t trust your district. This is natural and expected, but it’s best to move forward to help your child. We are with you in this journey, in our hearts and in spirit!

Step 4 – Featured Guest Speakers:

The guest speakers who participated in the Step 4 videos are: Mindy Patrick, Carole Dorn-Bell, Gayle Beam, Michael Bucey and Brett Tingley.

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Step 4 – Quotes:

‘”..if you want to do something about poverty or the number of people who are homeless or the number of people in our prisons, teach every child to read. We know how to do it, we just aren’t doing it and it’s time for parents to demand that this be taught to every child.”

~ Cameron James, Dyslexia Advocate, taken from documentary lm Our Dyslexic Children

“Wherever I have seen parents become active, that’s where change has happened. You rarely see districts reinvent themselves without parents being a catalyst for that.”

~ Michael Bucey, President of BV-KID, taken from documentary lm Our Dyslexic Children

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A Strategic Roadmap For Dyslexia Parent Groups – Step 4

Step 4 – Introduction
Step 4 – Forming A Parent Group
Step 4 – Join Our Global Community
Step 4 – Recruiting Parents For Your Group
Step 4 – Organizing Your Parent Group
Step 4 – Leveraging Everyone’s Strengths
Step 4 – Becoming Parents’ Best Resource
Step 4 – Fundraising For Professional Development
Step 4 – Understanding Inner Workings Of Your District
Step 4 – Building Bonds Within Your Parent Group
Step 4 – Sharing Information With Your District
Step 4 – Fundraising For Broader Participation
Step 4 – Hiring An Educational Advocate & Attorney
Step 4 – Requesting Information From Your District