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Free Keyboard piano lessons tutorial that will transform your playing. This is a free piano courses for all levels

What you will learn

Students will be able to play modern gospel Piano chords and progressions

You will learn powerful chord substitution techniques

You will learn how to add melodic fills to their playing on the Piano

You will learn how to play or apply Ditones and Tritones to your chord progressions

You will learn how to go from playing basic chords/chord progressions to playing advanced chords/chord progressions


I present to you this free piano lessons course to help you learn and master gospel chords. With a well-known song (You Are), you can now learn how to apply modern, contemporary gospel chords to your playing

After creating many powerful courses, I have now put together this free piano lessons breakdown package for existing and new students.

Specially created for those of you wanting to learn how to play the Piano with that nice gospel feel.

The classes in this Piano course utilise the power of reharmonisation to show you how you can play a single song in different ways

What you learn

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  • Reharmonisation of the song – YouAre
  • Major 7th chord voicings
  • Understand how chord numbers work in this re harmonized version of the song
  • Tritones and Ditones applications
  • How to layer chords
  • Rootless chord voicings
  • Powerful Melodic fills
  • Simple soloing techniques
  • Chord substitutions

All you need is your keyboard and notepad because you will be learning a lot and your playing will never remain the same after going through this course.

This is a free course courtesy of Gospel Key Easy. We are granting free access to everyone. There is a lot to learn from this course as a beginner, intermediate or advanced level musician. Enroll now and start watching the videos immediately.



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