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Learn the fundamentals in FinTech and take your career in Finance to the next level.

What you will learn

Develop an understanding of Fintech concepts

Apply Fintech concepts to the dynamic world of finance and banking

Discover the evolution of Fintech since its conception

Understand the transformations Fintech brings to financial services


In the last 10 years, $200bn has been invested in Fintech startups. Alibaba launched the largest money market fund in the world. Goldman Sachs developed its own digital bank. Stripe became bigger than 99% of the banks. There are over 100 concepts that fall under the domain of Fintech, from Artificial Intelligence to robo-advisors and Blockchain to virtual banks. This course will guide you through the noise and give you the right foundation to understand the world of Fintech.

This course will cover 3 main chapters.

Chapter 1: Definition of Fintech

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Fintech has been a buzzword in the past 5 years, but it actually has many different meanings. In this chapter you will be learning our definition of Fintech, getting a broad overview of its technologies, applications and sectors, and its role in transitioning from old to new finance.

Chapter 2: The reasons behind the rise of Fintech

In this chapter, you’ll obtain a historical oversight of the origins of Fintech, as well as an understanding of the reasons for its meteoric rise to mainstream adoption.

Chapter 3: How Fintech is changing financial services

Financial services have been around for a while. In this chapter, we will address the framework that is being built around Fintech. You will learn about Fintech’s advantages, its entry into financial services and the way it is transforming value chain and jobs in Finance.



Welcome to What is Fintech
Welcome from the Course Lecturer
Definition of Fintech
Chapter Introduction
Fintech Has Many Definitions
Our Definition of Fintech
Fintech as a Transition State between Old and New Finance
Chapter Summary
The Reasons Behind the Rise of Fintech
Chapter Introduction
How Fintech Started
The Perfect Storm
Lessons for the Future
Chapter Summary
How Fintech is Changing Financial Services
Chapter Introduction
Framework to Understand Innovation
The Rise of New Entrants
Transformation of the Value Chain of Finance
Transformation of the Jobs in Finance
Chapter Summary