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Android: Feel free to take Android Studio course, All concepts are very well explained in Hindi. Android App Development

What you will learn

Android Application development

Complete guide of android studio

Basics concepts of XML Design and Professional way to design UI

Easy to understand basics concept of android studio and it working structure

Guarantee to develop Professional application like storing data and rederiving data from firbase

Best teaching technique -error solving


Android Studio : Complete guide of android app development:

Learn Android Studio with kings engineering  in Hindi. In this Android Studio course we are going to learn App Development from scratch an our goal is to be a master in Android Studio . This course is in Hindi  language so it’s very easy to understand basic concepts and easily understand the problem while we face during the coding. At the completion of the course you definitely mention the Android Studio in your resume. And you are able to develop Android Studio based App  . With this knowledge you can start any  development tool to make projects. If you are new in Android Studio guaranteed after this Android Studio course you will familiar to run the build Unity 3D based application and help you to develop your coding performance.

From 12th stander, Diploma, Engineering  and above can be avail this Android Studio course. If you’re in other industry like mechanical or non-it filed this video is best suitable for you. Basic and essential points are covered in this Android Studio course.

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We are going to provide a required scripts  in which all include all Android Studio codes which we are shown in video. Feel free to make practice in Android Studio

Android Studio | Android Studio App Development | Android Studio




Android studio installation
Android studio setup for java
First project creation and deployment in android phone- watch and then try
Emulator in details- If your not going to use you can skip this video
Interface of android studio-Just watch
Folder structure in short
Android work structure – relation between java, xml, recourse – just watch