An introduction to the self.

What you will learn




Influences of Gender

Influences of Culture

Influences of Family

Presenting the Self



The communication choices we make determine the outcome of our lives; for better or worse, we craft our reality moment to moment, day to day. It continues for the duration of our existence, and some, even further.

Vital communication: learn fundamental interpersonal skills, helps those wanting to explore a fundamental aspect of human reality, communication.

In this course, you will explore the various communicative fundamentals that makeup who you are as a person. You will explore what it means to be – you. You will learn how to apply terms such as, self-awareness, self-concept, and self-esteem throughout your life. After all, our choices start within ourselves, reflect outward, and craft our quality of life.

For some, you may feel as though you know communication. After all, you’ve been talking and communicating since you can remember; However, it’s important to remember not everyone who can kick a ball would be able to compete in the World Cup. If a person can run, it doesn’t mean they will get scouted for the national Olympic team. Communication is a skill we all possess, but only a few use their time and energy to master it.

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Communication is always at the center of our most remarkable life experiences. Whether you’re graduating, winning first place, falling in love, negotiating a rewarding salary, becoming a parent, etc., these experiences are filtered through how we communicate our emotions and inner thoughts with ourselves and others.

Communication holds a one of a kind tool, a tool that when understood, you can begin to transform your life.

I hope your excited to learn about a few of the fundamentals of interpersonal communication.

Let’s get started!




Why Communication

Components of Self

Components of Self pt. 1
Components of Self pt. 2
What are the components of the self?

Sources of Self

Sources of Self (intro)
Sources of Self pt.1
Sources of Self pt.2

Presenting the Self

Presenting the Self

Improving the Self/ the end

Improving the Self/end