Get critical messages to your leads and contacts via SMS

What you will learn

Use cases for SMS in Zoho CRM

How to choose the right SMS integration

How to send mass SMS campaigns

How to send automated SMS campaigns


Sick of your email marketing campaigns falling flat? Email is a very crowded channel and it’s hard to land in your prospect’s inbox. When done well, SMS can have a much higher open and engagement rate. In this short course, we show you how you can use SMS within Zoho CRM to improve customer service and close deals faster. We will cover what you should and should not do with SMS, how to choose the right SMS gateway and integration and give you some examples what’s possible with templated SMS, inbound reply notifications and automation. Whether you want to send out an SMS blast to thousands of leads or you want to use a workflow rule to send out an SMS when a customer’s order is ready, the possibilities are endless when you combine Zoho CRM with a quality SMS integration.

The course is presented by Jeremy Nagel, a veteran in the Zoho world along with his colleague, Francisco Campos, who has helped hundreds of Zoho customers integrate SMS. The pair have a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to sending SMS inside Zoho CRM.

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The course features examples from the SMS integration built by the team at Smooth Messenger to help you understand what’s possible. Although the examples are specific, the concepts are broadly applicable to any of the 81 other SMS integrations on Zoho Marketplace.

We hope you enjoy this free course and look forward to hearing about how you plan to use SMS to supercharge your customer communications.




Intro to course
Intro to SMS in Zoho CRM
Do’s and don’ts of SMS
SMS Gateways – which one is best?
Introduction – Francisco

Setting up integration with Smooth Messenger in Zoho CRM

Installing Smooth Messenger

Sending manual SMS from Zoho CRM

Send out a templated message to a single contact
Send out SMS to multiple contacts via the list view
Send out SMS to multiple contacts via the bulk SMS screen

Replying to SMS

Getting reply notifications – Sales Signals
Getting reply notifications – Create tasks
Getting reply notifications – Zoho Cliq
Getting reply notifications – Email to SMS
Getting reply notifications – Chrome extension
Replying from the messenger widget
Replying from the inbox screen
Replying via email

Sending automated SMS from Zoho CRM

Sending workflow SMS the easy way
Sending drip SMS marketing campaigns