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Breakdown this highly effective approach to delivering quality and operational excellence in your organization.

What you will learn

How to deploy a Total Quality Management project

How to deploy Total Quality Management in your organization

How to deploy the tools and techniques of Total Quality Management successfully

How to continually improve your organization

How to deploy the TQM principles into your organzation

How to change the culture of your organization to put quality at the heart of your operations

The process to improve your products, services and outputs

The approach to embed quality into your processes

How to instil and focus on operational excellence

Once deployed, TQM will improve your operational performance


Total Quality Management is an approach to the identification, delivery and control of quality within organization. It is a tried and tested method, highly in demand in today’s workforce, which sees a company placing quality at the core of its overall operation strategy. It contains a set of 8 principles and 8 key steps that one must follow in order to successfully deliver quality in compliance with successful quality management. Within this course, you will learn:

– The fundamentals of Quality (what is TQM, Quality,Β Continuous Improvement etc.)

– The 8 principles of Total Quality Management.

– The 8 steps to deliver Total Quality Management.

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– The tools and techniques you can use in a TQM project or as part of your daily activities.

At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and the confidence to deliver quality in your organization, improving both he quality and performance of your people, procedures and processes. You will positively impact your products and services, improve your customer and client experience and deliver overall change and improvements to your wider operational performance.

Going forward, you will be skilled to deliver plans, strategies and techniques in a range of organizations to lock in operational excellence and sound quality performance throughout.




What is covered in this course?
What is the purpose of this course?

Fundamentals of Total Quality Management

What is Total Quality Management?
Examples of Total Quality Management
What is quality?
What is quality? – Example
What is continuous improvement?
Graphical representation of continuous improvement
Pros of Total Quality Management
Cons of Total Quality Management

The 8 principles

Overview & scenario
Customer focus
Customer focus – Scenario example
Employee involvement
Employee involvement – Scenario example
Integrated system
Integrated system – Scenario example
Process-centric approach
Process-centric approach – Scenario example
Systematic approach
Systematic approach – Scenario example
Continual efforts
Continual efforts – Scenario example
Fact-based decision-making
Fact-based decision-making – Scenario Example
Relationship management
Relationship management – Scenario example
Section quiz

The 8 steps

Review the culture
Review the culture – Scenario example
Develop a strategy
Develop a strategy – Scenario example
Recognize customer requirements
Recognize customer requirements – Scenario example
Outline the process
Outline the process – Scenario example
Outline the processes – Example process
Form the committee
Form the committee – Scenario example
Initiate involvement
Initiate involvement – Scenario example
Regularize daily ops
Regularize daily ops – Scenario example
Regularize daily ops – Kanban example
Seek continuous input
Seek continuous input – Scenario example
Section quiz

The 7 tools of quality

Process Map
Check Sheet
Pareto Chart
Fishbone Diagram
5 Whys
Run Chart
Section quiz

Close out

Review of key learnings
Hints & tips
Thank you