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Journalism: You can look comfortable and confident on TV, plus interview guests in a professional manner

What you will learn

Host a TV or Radio talk show

Plan a talk show format

Rehearse talk show hosting skills

Improve on-air appearance and delivery


Journalism. Imagine yourself hosting a talk show and you are coming across as engaging, likable and totally natural. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can host any talk show and appear to be confident, relaxed, conversational and able to talk to guests in a meaningful way?

In this How to be a Talk Show Host Journalism course, you will learn the following:

*The difference between being a good talk show guest versus a good host

*How to look comfortable and confident on TV

*How to appear natural and sound conversational

*How to rehearse using video

*How to be comfortable in the medium of broadcast journalism.

This journalismย course is delivered primarily through spoken lecture. Because the skill you are learning is speaking related, it only makes sense that you learn through speaking.

The skill you will learn in this class is not primarily theoretical or academic. It is a skill that requires physical habits. That is why you will be asked to take part in numerous exercises where you record yourself speaking on video, and then watching yourself. Learning presentation skills is like learning how to ride a bicycle. You simply have to do it numerous times and work past the wobbling and falling off parts until you get it right.

This Journalism course contains numerous video lectures plus several bonus books for your training library.

TJ Walker has been coaching and training people on their presentation skills for 30 years. Now, through the power of Udemy’s online platform, he is able to give you the same high quality training that he gives in person to CEOs, Fortune 500 executives, and Presidents of countries. Only you can now receive the training at a tiny fraction of the normal fee for in-person training.

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How long this course takes is up to you. The longest part of the course involves you speaking on video, critiquing yourself, and doing it over until you like it. But if you get to the point where you love how you look and sound when you present it will be well worth the time spent. And having this skill will save you time for all future media presentations in your life.

You can begin improving your media presentation skills right now. You may have an opportunity to speak out as soon as tomorrow, so why waste another day worried that your media presentation skills are not up to high standards. Enroll in this course today.

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this journalismย course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

TJ Walker has more than 100,000 course enrollments from more than 14,000 online students around the globe.

“5 Stars! Built my confidence taught me alot of where to begin and what to expect.” Udemy studentย Kellie Pemberton

What others say:

โ€œTJ Walker’s single-minded devotion to presentation has made him the #1 expert for executives seeking guidance on speaking to the public and media.” Bob Bowdon, Anchor/Reporter, Bloomberg Television

โ€œTJ Walker is the leading media trainer in the world.” Stu Miller, Viacom News Producer

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You Will Become an Excellent Talk Show Host
Secrets of Talk Show Hosting
Please Introduce Yourself
Create a Winning Show for You
Creating the Best Format for a Show for You
Learning from Your Role Models
Solving the Technical Issues
How to Get to Be a Talk Show Host
Focus on Guests
Assignment: Testing Your Communication To Make Sure It Works
Exciting New Update to this Course
Good Guest versus Good Host
Become a Master of the Teleprompter
Practicing Like A Pro
1st Video Practice
2nd Video Practice
3rd Video Practice
Regular Schedule and Feedback
Housekeeping Matters
7 Steps For Getting the Most Out of this Course
Bonus Update – You Should Get on the TikTok App Now
Your Questions Will Be Answered Here
$10,000 Guarantee This Course Will Make You a Better Communicator
Your talk Show Hosting Future
Time to Give TJ a Piece of Your Mind
Bonus Reading
Media Training A to Z
Media Training Success
1001 Ways to Wow
Final Bonus Lecture: Huge Discounts on Other TJ Communications Courses