A Project Driven Complete Course on Three.js for You and Your Success.

What you will learn

Learn the Basic to Advance of Threejs with 5+ Projects and many Exercises.

Learn the best practices and code structure for smooth functioning of your webpages.

Learn to built Metaverse, Create your own City & Forest and learn to host threejs project on server.

Learn about the Threejs Scene, Camera and Renderer

Explore Materials and Geometry Objects provided by threejs

Learn about the Stats and Dat GUI panels in Threejs to customize 3D model using it.

Explore the unexplored in threejs


Welcome to my course on Three.js .

In this course we will learn all about Three.js, write it in JavaScript, and also write some HTML.

In this course you will learn about Standard structure which you need to follow to make an high performing webpage.

In this course we are covering following topics

– Introduction to Three.js and WebGL

– Theory of Three.js

– How Three.js works

– Understanding about Basic building blocks of Three.js like scene, camera, renderer, mesh and more

– Emplimenting the basic building blocks on Three.js  like scene, camera, renderer, mesh and more.

– Learn to create car and space shutle or satellite using basic mesh of Three.js .

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– Learn more about types of Materials.

– Learn more about types of lights.

– Learn To load 3D models.

– Learn to use DatGUI and Stats

– Practice excersices and code with errors will help to learn more about Three.js .

– Projects are well defined and developed using industry standards.

– Projects including Car, satellite, space full of stars, Solor system, Metaverse and more things which are out of imagination.

This course is designed by Dhiraj Yadav, who has Two + years of Training and one + year of development expirence in development and done various projects on MEAN stack and Three.js

You will learn many amazing things.





Three.Js and WebGL

Understanding WebGL and Three.js
How to use Three.js
Basic understanding about Three.js Working
Resource links
Implementing Three.js with HTML File part 1
Implementing Three.js with HTML File part 2
Code File 1

Basic Projects using Three.js for Better Understanding

Learn to Add Basic Geometric Figures Part 1
Code File 2
Learn to Add Basic Geometric Figures Part 2
Code File 3
Task 1 – 9 Different color cubes
Learn to add Plan in Scene

Understanding and Implimenting Lights and Materials using Three.js

Adding Lights to the Scene
Appling Different Materials and textures

Understanding and Implimenting Orbitcontroler using Three.js

Adding Orbit Controller
Creating Solar Sytem Part 1
learn to Make Particals
Creating Solar Sytem Part 2

Learn to load 3D Model using Three.js

3D models with Three.js


Dat GUI in Three.js

Steping Towards MetaVerse