This crash course teaches the claims of Allah in the Qur’an and His practical miracles for the Resurrection of Dead

What you will learn

Learn Claims of ALLAH in Quran on Resurrection of Dead

Learn how ALLAH raised the dead humans, Insects and animals

Listen true stories of Muslim saints of Islam who raised the dead

Discover facts related to life after death in the light of Quran


For thousands of years, it has been considered among the Muslims of the world in majority whether they are Muslim leaders, politicians, journalists, army officers, police men, lawyers, spiritual healers, magicians, psychologists, medical doctors, researchers, forensic experts, technical experts, IT professionals, software engineers, graphic designers, web developers, video editors, copy writers, search engine optimization experts, marketing gurus, e-commerce masters, millionaires or billionaires and including all the ordinary Muslims who have never studied Quran in their whole life that ALLAH does not resurrect dead people once their SOULS have TASTED the DEATH.

In this crash course which you will finish in just 2 hours, I am going to reveal the truth against the myth of resurrection and exposing false beliefs and false claims of all the Muslims of the world who neglected one of the most important ability of ALLAH WAHD AL QAHAR the MIGHTY HOLY KING of UNIVERSE.

  • Has He (ALLAH) no power to give life to the dead? (Legendary Quran 75.40)
  • Yes indeed. We are able even to reshape his fingertips. (Legendary Quran 75.4)

To Him belongs all the powers and strength and might and energies and why should it not be with Him?

How is it that you deny Allah, while you were lifeless and He gave you life; then He will make you die, and then He will make you live again, and then to Him you will be returned? — Quran 2.28

Allah has made so many claims in the Legendary Quran which He revealed in the 7th century on his last Prophet Muhammadﷺ and it is not a joke because ALLAH is not an imaginary God and all his claims in Legendary Holy Quran are one hundred percent true.

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If Allah claimed then it is surely means that Allah is capable to Resurrect dead people from their graves, and not even people Allah is capable to revive dead insects, dead animals, dead birds, dead newborn babies too whenever He wills.

Allah is the one who changed the laws of physics for dead bodies of all Prophets, Sahaba-e-Karam, Aulia Allah, Muslim Martyrs and pious Muslims the righteous believers so they never decompose in their graves or on the earth through nature because the Earth/ground is NOT allowed to decay or eat the dead bodies of true believers of Mighty King Allah – Nature obeys Allah!

Allah does not require any support from any of his believer in order to protect his true believers in their graves and He does control everything by Himself, Alhamdulillah Rabbil Aalameen

Allah is the one who keeps the blood fresh in dead bodies of all the true Legendary Prophets of Legendary Holy Islam.

— Legend Muhammad Zeeshan Arshad



Resurrection Claims of ALLAH in Quran

Allah gives life to the dead (Legendary Quran 22.6)
Is there any one from your associate-gods (Legendary Quran 10.34)
Have they adopted gods who raise the dead (Legendary Quran 21.21)
Allah gave you life (Legendary Quran 2.28)
Allah is the One who gave life to you (Legendary Quran 22.66)
It is not choice of a person to die without will of Allah(Legendary Quran 3.145)

Resurrection Events by Allah in Quran

Resurrection of Dead Donkey (Legendary Quran 2.259)
Resurrection of Dead Birds through Call (Legendary Quran 2.260)
Resurrection of Dead Humans (Legendary Quran 2.55-56)
Resurrection of Dead through Cow (Legendary Quran 2.73)

Resurrection Events in History

Muslim Prophet – Isa aka Jesus (Legendary Quran 3.49)
Muslim Saint – Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani
Muslim Saint – Khwaja Mouinuddin Chishti

Resurrection Story

Story of Resurrection of Dead Insect in Graveyard

Life After Death in Quran

Life in Dead Bodies of Righteous Believers (Legendary Quran 2.154, 3.169)