A short, hands-on course for creating rapid positive change in your life

What you will learn

Learn why you often struggle so hard to create change in your life.

Learn a unique set of tools to rapidly find insight and create new ways of being

Gain practical insight into the workings of your inner mind

Better understand the best way to achieve your goals and dreams


Do you feel stuck?Β Are there areas of your life where you know exactly where you what to be but don’t know how to get there?Β To stop doing something that’s not good for you, or to start doing something that you know would be beneficial?

In this course, you’ll learn why so many attempts at personal growth and change fail. You’ll learn a new set of tools to approach change in your life from a different perspective, all with the help of hypnosis.

Hypnosis has the power to bypass so much resistance and create lasting change in your life in an effortless, and relaxed way. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to commit to change. But it means that the types of things you do to benefit yourself will feel a lot more aligned and won’t involve brute force or “willpower.” Instead, you’ll learn how to dive deep into your own past and harness the power of your own imagination to craft a better future for yourself.

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This is a practical course, where you’ll be actively meditating and reflecting upon the ideas you’ll be learning. The goal is for you to walk away with a different experience of yourself, not just abstract knowledge.

Hypnosis Assisted Healing is particularly appealing to free-spirited, highly sensitive, and creative people. If this describes you, give this course a try, and you’ll quickly be able to tell if it’s the right fit for you.




Course Purpose and Goals
Course Structure
About Me
About Navya

The Problem

The Problem
Reflection #1
Why we struggle to change
Examples of Being Stuck
The Underlying Issue
What is HAH?
Is it right for you?

The Solution

The Key Differentiator
How it works
Session Structure
Meditation: Building Resources
Reflection #2
The Work: Working with your illogical intuition
What it looks like in practice
Intro to Meditation
Meditation: Embracing Fear
Reflection #3
What it looks like in practice
Intro to Meditation
Meditation: Connect to Your Inner Child
Reflection #4
Behind the Name
Alone or with a guide?
What a session looks like
Key Differences
Differences from Hypnosis
Differences from Therapy


Final Reflection #5
Common Questions
Next Steps