The expert’s crash course for teachers that need to learn about Scratch and block coding

What you will learn

Block Coding Crash Course

Integrating Scratch Coding into your Teaching Practice

Cross-Curricular Opportunities with Scratch Coding

Resources for Learning More About Scratch

Why take this course?

Designed and Instructed by Kai Hutchence, author of The Teacher’s Guide to Scratch, this course is a short and quick run down of what Scratch is, what it offers, how it works, and what its benefits are.

It’ll get you:

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  • familiar with the Scratch website and editor,
  • to create your first project in Scratch
  • working with block coding
  • working with the art editor in Scratch to custom create digital art
  • nailing the key curricular outcomes of sequential, concurrent, looping, and conditional code
  • amazing examples of some of the best educational projects made in Scratch
  • understanding how Scratch can offer cross-curricular opportunities to save you time and energy
  • aware of where you can head to next for more information and training to work with Scratch.

This course is designed to be quick and easy so educators can get up to speed with what Scratch is, does and how it works. The project in video 2 provided makes a good first project for grades 2 to 5 you can run after familiarizing yourself and provides a simple game that students will love.

Get started on your coding education journey with this simple crash course created by one of the world’s top experts on teaching with Scratch.