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Stand Up Straight! – Lose Your Cell Phone Slouch – Exude Confidence – Practice Good Posture Habits In 2 Minutes a Day

What you will learn

How to have great posture

How to build strong habits that can create great posture in 2 minutes a day!

How to realign your neck and head

Eliminate the Cell Phone Slouch


The Complete One Hour Perfect Posture Habits Course

Stand Up Straight! – Lose Your Cell Phone Slouch – Exude Confidence – Practice Good Posture Habits In 2 Minutes a Day

You can have great posture! Never again will you have to slump, slouch or lean forward, looking like a turtle.

You can have perfect posture. And it doesn’t mean buying a bunch of special equipment and having to do an extra 30 minute workout every single day.

Personal development and habits expert TJ Walker will guide you through the fastest, easiest way of building new, positive, posture habits.

Chances are, your cell phone and working on a keyboard have harmed your posture. Walker will teach you a simple, yet highly effective technique for using your cell phone to correct your posture.

If you are tired of looking tired, lacking in confidence, and people telling you to stop slouching, then this is the course for you.

Walker will navigate you through the maze of posture tips, tricks, and 1001 exercises they could just waste your time. Using his unique SelfieSpeak Program SSP, Walker will help you program your brain to do five simple exercises, on a daily basis, to give you great posture.

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If you would like better posture and you don’t want to spend any more time working on your posture than you currently spend brushing your teeth, then this is the posture improvement course for you.

Sign up now if you want to eliminate your bad posture forever.

Nothing in this course should constitute medical advice for you. Please consult your doctor before trying any of the exercises shown herein. This course is NOT meant for anyone suffering from medical, muscular, physiological or neurological problems affecting their posture.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

“Overall a great course. very simple exercises told to improve the posture in a simple way. Thanks for the course.” Rajat Madaan

“I learned about how having a good posture, helps in boosting confidence! Also, came across 5 simple exercises that can help in improving postures. Loved it!” Madhu Parki

This Posture course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: stretching – posture – flexibility – yoga – home workout – stretch – ergonomics – scoliosis – exercise. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: stretching exercise – pain relief – back pain.



You Can Develop Strong Posture Quickly

Promo Video The Complete One Hour Perfect Posture Habits Course
Quick Win! Lower Your Eyes, Not Your Head
Quick Win! Place Ears Over Your Shoulders
Your Posture Questions Answered Right Here
Find a Posture Accountability Partner
Disclaimer – This Course Is NOT for People With Serious Medical Issues
Improve Your Posture and Mental Health By Walking Without a Cell Phone
Don’t Let Your Keyboard Bring You Down

The 5 Easiest and Fastest Posture Exercise to Do Daily

Get Ready for a Short Workout
Vitruvian Posture Person
The Chin Tuck
The Wing Tuck
The Houdini
The Doorway Push-Up

Program Your Brain To Do Daily Posture Exercises Without Thinking – SSP

How Habits Are Formed for You and Me
SelfieSpeak Programming for Good Posture
Get Ready to Make Your Own Posture SelfieSpeak Program
Video and Audio Versions of My Posture SelfieSpeak Program
Assignment: Make Your Own Posture SelfieSpeak Program
Hold Yourself Accountable With a Checklist
Edit Your SelfieSpeak Posture Program Anytime and Anyway You Like
The Power of the SelfieSpeak Program Comes From Daily Repetition

Review of Products to Help With Your Posture

Review of Posture Support Braces
Review of Wearables – the Lumo Lift

Building Your Posture Confidence

Build Your Posture Confidence Now
Great Public Speaking Posture
Ideal Posture for Job Interviews

Know Your “Why” for Wanting Great Posture

Why Are You Trying to Improve Your Posture
Strong Posture Will Elevate Your Mood
Don’t Dismiss Your Vanity
Stop Carrying Around the Bowling Ball

How Other People Judge You Based on Your Posture

Yes, You Are Being Judged
Your Posture Is Your Good and Bad Body Language Read By Others
Good Posture Makes You Look Taller
Make the Best Impression in Every Pitch In Your Life
How do Animals Use Posture to Their Advantage
Warning! One Posture Size Does Not Fit all Occasions

Conclusion to the Complete One Hour Perfect Posture Habits Course

Here is How to Make this Course Better for You and Others
Congratulations and Good Luck Having Great Posture for the Rest of Your Life