MS Word for Beginner to Advance

What you will learn

Document Creation

Design and Development

Paragraph and Borders Format

Image and Page Modification

Smart Art Chart, Symbol and Watermark

Page Setup and Tables


An ultimate course for novice who want to learn basic MS Word. This course will help you to have clear concept of using MS Word. After complete this course using of MS Word will be very easy and friendly to you. This course focused from beginner level to advance level and its covered up with almost every major part of MS Word for using in personal and business uses.






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Document Creation

Document Create, Save and Open in MS Word

Copy, Cut and Paste

Find, Replace and Replace All

Design and Development

Font Design, Front Size, Bold, Italic, Underline

Stikethrough, Subscript, Superscript

Change font colour and highlight color

Text and Typography

Undo and Redo

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Number and Bullets

Use of Uppercase, Lowercase, Sentence Case, Toggle Case

Paragraph and Borders Format

Indent and Borders

Paragraph Alignment

Paragraph Setting

Format Painter

Image and Page Modification

Insert, Rotate, Resize, Customize Picture

Wrap, Style, Color Correction, Artistic Effect in Picture

Cover Page, Blank Page and Page Break

Page Number, Header, Footer

Smart Art Chart, Symbol and Watermark

Symbol, Equation and Text Box

Smart Art, Chart and Text Box

Watermark, Page Border, Page Color

Page Setup and Tables

Page Setup, Margin, Column, Print

Table Excel Spreadsheet & Shortcuts for Microsoft Word