Microsoft Excel for the ABSOLUTE and UTTER beginner
Learn from the ABSOLUTE basics to lay a strong foundation in Microsoft Excel

What you will learn

The ABSOLUTE basics to get you started on Microsoft Excel


*** One of the most highest rated Microsoft Excel courses on Udemy for beginners! ***

When you learn something, you should learn from the ABSOLUTE basics. Through this course, I’ll help you learn Microsoft Excel right from the first principles in the simplest possible way, and build a strong foundation.

Did someone scare you off by saying that it takes months or even years to learn Excel?

Don’t lose heart. That’s totally wrong.

In this course, every video lesson is delivered in capsule format – just 2 to 3 minutes long – so that you can finish watching the entire course in just over an hour! Or else just watch one video a day and complete the course in 30 days!

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But remember – practice a lot more to hard-wire these lessons into your brain. Practice! Practice! Practice!

And then come back and tell me your success story 🙂

Here are the top skills that you will gain from joining this course:

  • Understand in depth, the Excel file structure and parts of the Excel window. [This is absolutely, absolutely essential!]
  • How to navigate through the Excel workbook [Priority number 2!]
  • Working with cells, columns and rows – including adjusting width & height, merging, inserting & deleting
  • Entering data – text, numbers, currencies, percentages and dates – and editing as well as deleting data [Dos and don’ts]
  • Working with data – sort & filter, charts, conditional formatting [These help you dig deep into the data, spot trends, and perform a ton of other analysis.]
  • Formatting – fonts (style, size, color), cells (fill color, borders) [How you present data to your boss is super-critical!]
  • Basics of formulas – cell references, formula rules, complex formulas [Learn how to perform computations on data, master the PEMDAS rule, and build complex formulas.]

[This course is useful for all Excel versions – 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019]




Getting started with Microsoft Excel
Parts of an Excel window
Ribbon – the wardrobe of Excel commands
Backstage view or File tab
Quick access toolbar
Creating a new workbook
Saving workbook
Navigating workbook
Undo and Redo changes

Working with cells, columns and rows

Selecting cells
Selecting columns and rows
Adjusting column width and row height
Merge cells
Hide columns and rows
Inserting and deleting columns and rows

Entering data in Excel

Entering text in excel
Entering numbers, currencies, percentages
Entering dates
Editing data
Delete data

Font formatting

Changing font style and size
Changing font color

Formatting cells

Cell borders
Fill color in cells

Working with data

Freezing panes and View options
Sorting data
Filtering data
Creating basic charts
Conditional formatting

Introduction to formulas

Cell references
Introduction to formulas
Complex formulas