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The Most Comprehensive Javascript Bootcamp you will ever need if you wish to become Javascript developer

What you will learn

Javascript fundamentals – variables, if/else, Loops, Operators, functions, array, Objects, etc

Become Job-ready by understanding how Javascript works behind the scenes

How to think like a developer – problem-solving, researching, workflows

Become an advanced & confident modern Javascript developer from scratch

Modern ES6 from the beginning – arrow function

Quick Refresher on Javascript Basics



And welcome to the worlds best Javascript bootcamp course.

My name is Manish and I am a senior developer who has worked with software giants like Microsoft, Adobe to name a few

I have taught over a hundred thousand students worldwide in-person and online and today I have so excited to be your instructor.

You are going to get the access to precise and to the point information with great level of detail. This course is created with the same 4 week bootcamp curriculum that I teach in-person. So you are going to get the same level of content, proficiency & professionalism along with the world class support.

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I also keep adding Quizzes and Exercises which will be free to you and available lifelong

This is the only course you will need to get started on the Javascript.

This course assumes absolutely no prior programming experience so I will be there taking you all the way through. So instead of spending a USD 5000 on an in-person bootcamp and having to take the time off from work which has years of experience behind the work.

Your time is precious so that’s why you deserve the best course money can buy

So what you are waiting for, join this course and learn the most used programming language in the world




Welcome message for enrolled Students
What is Javascript

Setup for Success

Setup Development Environment
Check to validate your development setup
First HTML in Browser
Check if you are able to navigate to the Dev tools on Chrome
Your First Javascript


Module Introduction
What is a Variable
Variable in Javascript – let, var, const
Dynamic Typing


Module Introduction
Arithmetic Operators
Logical Operators
Comparison Operator
Assignment Operator
Increment Decrement Operator
Bitwise Operator

Control Flow

Module Introduction
What is Control Flow?
If-else statement
Switch Statement
for loop
while loop
break & continue


Module Introduction
Javascript Object
Nested Objects
Functions in Objects


Module Introduction
Array – Declaration
Accessing elements
Adding elements
Removing elements
Iterating Array


Module Introduction
Declaration & Invocation
Function Parameters
Function Arguments
Scope – Local vs Global
Functions as Expression
Arrow Functions

Thank you!!