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Learn everything around cryptocurrency trading| Crypto investing | various Cryptocurrency trading strategies

What you will learn

Understanding what are cryptocurrencies

Learn different trading strategies

Be able to invest in various cryptocurrencies

Understand everything around crypto trading


Cryptocurrencies trading and investing can sometimes be very hard to learn especially if you have no experience in this field. But, this course have everything that you need to be able to start your trading journey with more risky financial assets that are cryptocurrencies by learning the basis of this type of this financial productΒ  If you :

– Are in school and want to learn how to trade properly

– Need to learn what are cryptocurrencies

– Want to start your trding journey and are interested to trade crypto

– simply want to learn a new skill

Then you will love this course. Not only you will have by the end of the course a very solid understand of what are cryptocurrencies but you will also be able to trade all of them with various trading strategies.

The structure of the course

The way the course is made is really done to help you learn all the basics of tading. From understanding what is a cryptocurrency and how you can start your trading journey in the crypto market in no time. Indeed, not only you will learn how to trade properly but you will have a complete understanding of these financial products and all the different types of cryptoscurrencies that exist.

Also, this course has been built on a concept of learning by practice. In other words, the first part of the course will be about the theory around cryptocurrencies this way you will understand what exactly it is and howΒ  it works. Then, we are going to learn various trading strategies that can be used to trade not only crypto but any other financial product no matter what it is.

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For who is this course designed

There are many crypto trading courses out there, but this one is different. Indeed, this cryptocurrency trading course will teach you by example all the basics of various trading strategies. Also, since this course is an introduction it can be great for people who have never traded or worked before with cryptocurrencies. Indeed, even if you never traded in your life this course will give you a solid basis about how to properly work with cryptocurrencies. The goal of this course is teaching you how to properly invest and trade cryptocurrencies.

Why should I take this course

If you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies then you should definitely take the course. Not only you will learn all the theory around cryptocurrencies, you will also be able to trade them as well as any other financial product.

There is no risk involved in taking this course

This course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this means that if your are not happy with what you have learned, you have 30 days ​to get a complete refund with no questions asked. Also, if there is any concept that you find complicated or you are just not able to understand, you can directly contact me and it will be my pleasure to support you in your learning.

This means that you can either learn amazing skills that can be very useful in your professional or everyday life or you can simply try the course and if you don’t like it for any reason ask for a refund.

You can’t lose with this type of offer !!

ENROL NOW and start learning today πŸ™‚




1- Introduction
2- What is cryptocurrency

Types of coins

3- Types of coins part 1
4- Types of coins part 2
5- Types of coin part 3
6- Types of coin part 4

Trading and trading plateforms

7- Introduction to trading platforms part 1
8- Introduction to trading platforms part 2
9- Introduction to trading
10- introduction to trading view

The Basics of Trading

11- Fundamental analysis
12- Technical analysis
13- The basics of technical trading part 1
14- The basics of technical trading part 2
15- The basics of technical trading part 3

Trading Strategies

16- Simple fundamental strategy
17- technical strategy 1
18- technical strategy 2
19- technical strategy 3
20- technical strategy 4
21- technical strategy 5
22- technical strategy 6

Back testing and emotionnal control

23- The importance of Backtesting
24 The importance of emotional control