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A complete Professional course for learning AutoCAD to make you a better professional AutoCAD expert from basic

What you will learn

To feel comfortable using AutoCAD

To learn basic feature of AutoCAD 2D

To learn advanced feature of AutoCAD 2D

Using drawing tools

To learn Annotative Features


In this course, you will learn AutoCAD 2013-2023 software. In this modern world as an engineer, we draw and explore a model or drawing by using software to enhance the best quality outcome.

This course was created for total beginners and includes practice files and a practical project so that you may apply the skills as you learn them. You will design your own real-world, realistic project that is representative of the kind you could be asked to design at work throughout this AutoCAD course. You will discover how to create a professional drawing that satisfies industry standards, thereby encouraging you to accomplish even more!

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With my professional experience, I have created this course with a proper sequence of steps of topics so that you can understand and learn the proper way. Although the course is focused on AutoCAD, all design concepts and steps are using manuals and command tools for references of parameters. The course focuses on the design practice and knowledge utilized on a professional level worldwide.

After completing this course you will get the following outcomes:

  • Will be able to operate AutoCAD perfectly.
  • Will be able to take the critical decision to draw the complex model.
  • Will be able to work with all AutoCAD 2D tools
  • Will be able to Draw Floor Plans
  • And Many more…


Basic Introduction

Intorduction to Autodesk AutoCAD Course
Create a Student Account, Download and Install Original AutoCAD

Learn Basic AutoCAD User Tools

Basic Skill: Move Command Tools
Basic Skill: Show or Hide Manu Bar
Basic Skill: Autocad Tools Overview
Basic Skill: Change Bacground Color
Basic Skill: UCS or Axis Setting
Basic Skill: Show or Hide Grid
Basic Skill: Zoom in or Zoom Out
Basic Skill: Use Pan Tools
Basic Skill: View All Work in One Place
Basic Skill: Regenerating Tools
Basic Skill: Unit Setup
Basic Skill: Dimension Style