Support your child using relaxed and engaging methods of learning

What you will learn

To support their children in learning in a way that is fun and engaging

To help their child become more familiar with common shapes

To build up mathematical terminology associated with shapes

To enjoy spending quality time with their children whilst educating them at the same time


The goal behind this course is to introduce you to ways them demonstrate that learning can be fun and engaging. The more we succeed at the this, the more likely it is that our children will want to participate. The more they participate the more practice they will get and the better they become.

It becomes a positive spiral of success.

In this course we will look at a variety of shapes including trapeziums, triangles, squares, even more complex shapes such as pentagons. We will also look at how we work out the area of some of these different shapes.

We will also look at some different terminology such as tessellation. By introducing your child to terms such as these from an early age it will become a part of their natural vocabulary which will support them as they progress through the educational systems and syllabus.

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We use a fishing game, a lily pads game, we will cut and colour. Templates for all the tasks are included with the second lesson.

I hope you enjoy the course and gain some ideas from it that you can either use directly, tweak or completely amend.

Either way, thank you for taking the time for to watch and engage in it.




How do we learn?
Boats – the area of a trapezium, triangle, and a rectangle or square
Ducks (looking at different 2d shapes) and Fish (tessellation)
Lily Pads- recognising and describing shapes
The Fishing Game and a HUGE Thank You