Sometimes we could all use a little nudge in the right direction. This is your nudge. Transform your world now.

What you will learn

Change needs a starting point… This is it.

10 days to embrace ten changes in your life.

Embrace a life with more flexibility and flow.

Being in control of your own life.

Find a bit of excitiment and spark in life again.

Refresh your perspective.


This is not a diet or exercise program, It is a deeply spiritual transformation that can change your entire life.

  • Are you craving something different and exciting, but have no clue where to begin or what you can do?
  • Have you been waiting for someone else to bring a spark back into your world?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are at the right place.

Learning to adjust your life needs to be done in manageable steps… in a manner that doesn’t have to be permanent, unless you like the look and feel of the new way.

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What if a ten day commitment to explore new ways of doing things, is the push you have been desiring? Each day the challenge changes and may feel like it gets harder. The commitment you are making to yourself is being uncomfortable to enable you a taste of what life could be like.

Maybe some things don’t feel natural or right… that is more than ok… Transformation has not been easy for anyone but the brave are prepared to go into the strange, unnerving and exciting to perhaps get a different outcome out of life. The question is are your feeling courageous? One small click could start the new life you have always desired.

My name is Michele, I was change adverse and yet following these steps have led me to up and move to a new province. I always vowed that I was a Johannesburg girl and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Yet moving to the coast seems completely right and I cannot wait. Now I’m not saying this challenge is gonna turn your life upside down, however every fixed belief we have causes a block in possibilities. Possibilities are the doors that are open to us that we need to step through to go onward and up. Deep breath, reach for the handle, open the door and come on in.





Day One

Moving Objects

Day Two

Do things differently

Day Three

Meditation Prep
Morning Meditation
Sleep Meditation

Day Four

Self Dialogue

Day Five

Gratitude Day

Day Six

Vibe Check

Day Seven

Choose Differently

Day Eight

Narrate Better

Day Nine

Ho’opono pono

Day Ten

Chord Cutting
Ad on
Downloadable Visualisation

In closing.

Finishing Up