Learn the basics of the telecom infrastructure industry

What you will learn

Understand the basics of the telecom industry

Get familiar with the scientific terminology used in the telecom infrastructure space

Get a high level overview of all components of telecom infrastructure.

Understand IBSs (In building solutions)


This course is for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of the telecom infrastructure industry with an emphasis on the state of the industry in India. We’ll first walk through the scientific concepts you need to be familiar with to be able to understand the infrastructure in the best way possible. If you’re not from a science background, not a problem! We’ll also discuss the basic concepts of physics to get you familiar with the ideas and then we’ll proceed to learn about the different domains.

We’ll start with talking about the most commonly used items – cables and connectors and we’ll look at how to best evaluate the quality of said items. We’ll then look at the concept of IBS or in-building solutions – The types, the architecture, and everything in between. We’d also look at the financial aspect of a typical telecom setup and what factors can help you decide the best IBS setup for your needs. I’ll also take you through the multi-step deployment process for a typical IBS setup

Then we’ll discuss the most recent advancements in the world of telecom – the use of fiber options cable. Yet again, we’ll discuss the types and the advantages of choosing one over the other while also looking at the metric you’d need to know to evaluate the quality of a cable.

To conclude, we’ll briefly touch upon the concept of 5G and wrap up the course.




Introduction to the course

Welcome to the Course!

Basics terminologies and concepts

Introduction to RF

Modulation of Carrier wave

Power, dB and dBm

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Noise and Signal to noise ratio

Transmitter and Receiver

Amplifier and Repeater

Filters and Attenuators

Active and Passive components

Splitters and combiners

RF products and accessories

Coaxial cable and Jumpers

Choosing criteria and characteristics


Testing quality characteristics

Earthing and weather proofing kit

How it all adds up