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Java Interview Prep

What you will learn

Learn Core Java in the best way by hands on coding.

You will learn how to write functions/methods faster as you practice hands on while watching the lessons

You will be taking and owning the functions written and modify as needed to fit your needs.

In this course, you will find many different lessons and you can start from any of the sections. Use them to master your learning goals.

Preparing for interview is a hustle, one needs to do in order to achieve going to next round and so on. Our goal is to master Technical Interview for IT people

Mastering Technical interview is one of the essential learning curve preparing for an interview. We will help you get there as much as possible.

Java is used in many organizations core since for decades. They need you to maintain java codebase, it is irreplaceable component!

Participate in the conversations ( join discord 7 to 77+), live events and share your questions and comments and learn more.

At the end of the course, you will have access to some bonus content. It will prepare you much more going into the interviews.

As you provide more interview questions in the discord, they will be solved by the community and added in the curriculum for your reference. Empower each other.

You will master how to use classic for loop and make the best of String Manipulation.


Hello. We have been waiting for you. Welcome. Now that you are here, let’s begin. Thank you for being here.

Java has been in the IT field for years. By coding hands on as you watch video lessons, you will gain the skills to Solve given problems in java that may show up in the interviews. Some lessons may be from recent interviews collected from the local community. We aim to create a discord community to crowdsource technical java interview information. Time to time, add in resources to the course and use a discord server to discuss current and past frequently asked interview questions. Host live events to help beginners learn more about java interview questions. Provide insights regarding solving the technical coding problems.

Get Instant Notification of New Courses on our Telegram channel.

Create a code resource depot using submitted input interview problems (in near future after forming the discord 7 to 77+ server). Anyone in the IT field can join. Anyone else who wants to pursue a career as an IT professional can join and be exposed to the coding field. Join surveys sent to the discord community and submit your interview questions. Optionally ask the community to help solve the problems. Meet new people and see how they solve a coding challenge versus others.

Enjoy watching 11+ hours of lessons, and know that I have spent 77+ hours plus a decent number of weekends to produce these valuable lesson contents. This course will wisely grow bigger and better with the discord community. Thank you for your participation. You rock!




Introduction. Getting to know the instructor and the content.
What platform are we going to use to write our codes?

Understand the class components, getters and setters.

Lesson 3 Getting Started:Survey(if not taken): https://forms.gle/sDuMAFgfVwXraW4
Lesson 4: Understand how getters and setters work in Java
Lesson 4 Part 2: Apply how getters and setters in your own program.
Introduce yourself, return name and job and high school number

IsLetter, getCount, find and separate characters.

Solve this for starters. Easy task.
IsLetter function: First part of the lesson. Note: these 3 lessons are together
Find and Separate characters
Lecture 8: Get count of given values. Last part of the lesson in the section.
Section 3 Quiz – checkup

Section 4: Find middle number in given integers and decimals

Find middle value of given integer numbers.
Find middle value of given decimal numbers part 1
Find middle value of given decimal numbers part 2

Count duplicates + Sum of N values

Count Duplicates
Sum of n values – Solution in Java and JavaScript
Resources and the basic idea for the bonus lesson

Find missing number

Find missing number in given list of numbers that are consecutive

Find longest zeros in binary numbers such as 100001 returns 4

Binary numbers and measure distance between 1s while counting 0s.

Count Vowels by creating custom methods, learn it then make your own.

Count vowels of given raw data

Remove duplicate values from given text + Bonus lesson

Remove repeated characters of a string
Keep on Coding: Reverse string + Reverse words backwards

Swap events such as swapping two or more values, swapping cases.

Part 1 : Swap values in arrays lowest to highest via Temp Variable
Part 2 : Swap even and odd, make left fill with evven, make right fill with odd
Part 3 Swap and sort. Even &odd values sorted from smallest to largest

Reverse more examples in detail

Part 1: Reverse int value and int or char array
Part 2: Reverse ArrayList values. Disclaimer: Example used is not type safe.

Generate a random number plus a bonus lesson.

How to create random numbers. Use a Math class to create Print Range function.
E Z P Z Verify a palindrome.

Success or Failure : Manual equality check using command line.

Success or Failure: An Equality check using Command Line tool.
Coding Chains – How to chain methods: Fluent Design Pattern – no resource sorry

Recent interview question: Swap Cases of given text

Swap Case Part 1: Swap cases of characters
Swap Case Part 2: Swap cases of words and sentences

Well Formed Structure + Bonus Lesson: Rotate Array to the right

Animation to describe how well formed brackets are checked out.
Well Formed Brackets Part 1
Well Formed Brackets Part 2 More Use Cases 1
Well Formed Brackets Part 2 More Use Cases 2
Rotate Array to the right