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Pre-requisite course to learn advance trading strategies in the stock markets

What you will learn

Basics of Intraday Trading

Important terminologies used in Day Trading

Basics of Candlesticks

Types of Orders

Various trading avenues

Intraday Long/Short concepts

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Investment requirement and Leverage

Types of Analysis


This is an absolutely free course to learn the basics of trading in stock markets. Although all the examples featured in this course are based on Indian equity market, the concepts covered are universal and applies well in all the tradable markets worldwide.

With thorough understanding of the concepts covered in this course you will be well equipped to learn the advance concepts of stock market trading.

Please be well informed that you are definitely not suggested to start trading in the markets just based on the content in this course. One definitely needs to have a thorough understanding of various advanced attributes of the market before jumping in to live trades.

You may want to take trades on a very minimal amount of money just as a playbook or a scratch pad for getting a feel of order execution however please keep the amount invested to the bare minimum requirements. I would suggest you experiment placing orders with an investment of as low as Rs.50 for getting a hands-on practice of order placement and not from an intent of generating revenue. Even if you are able to make some money during this practice phase, it is a strict NO to increase your capital and trade just based on the basic knowledge of stock markets.



Trading Avenues
Intraday Timings
Candlestick Study
Candlestick Basics
Buy & Sell Trades
BUY Trades
Short Selling
Investment Required
Target & Stop Loss (SL)
Target- BUY Trades
Target- SELL Trades
Stop Loss (SL)
Types of Trading Analysis
Trend Confirmation/ Breakout
Reversal Analysis
Order Types
Order Types