CONFIDENT ME – Increase Self Faith & Self Esteem, End Fear of Rejection, Create Inner Power. Feel Good Within & Outside

What you will learn

Have increased levels of Confidence and Self Esteem

End the Fear of Rejection forever

Decode the reasons behind the Vulnerability in the life lived till now

Appreciate their Own Self, Own Decisions & Embrace Strengths

Known as a Confident Person

Why take this course?

It is normal to experience moments where one is  low on confidence. And in such times, one finds it difficult to take the needed decisions & actions which further impacts life. Everyone knows the right thing and but in such moments, one feels paralysed with self doubt & fears.

The good news is that there are solutions to problems. Indeed you need a specific technique which helps you pull yourself up, step by step.

You need strategies which can be implemented right away. You need to see something that gets you the  results instantaneously.

This course will help you understand “what’s happening with you”. And only when know the deeper aspects of the problem at hand, you can do something about them.

You will learn –

  1. Why are there sub-conscious negative beliefs about yourself in your mind stuck up and ways to deal with it
  2. Ways to  work on your mind and heal yourself.
  3. How to get the faith and confidence back in your life
  4. Steps to rescue yourself from this loop of Self Doubt and Self Rejection.
  5. Ways to create a new life full of Confidence once again
  6. Ways to build trust within
  7. How do I regain my self confidence?
  8. What builds confidence?
  9. How can I build my confidence and self esteem?
  10. How can I be confident in myself?
  11. Self Help Advice How to Build Self Esteem
  12. How to boost self esteem and confidence
  13. How to build self esteem in adults
  14. How to improve self esteem in relationships

The loop of Self Doubt & Self Rejection is based on some deep thoughts that are stored in your subconscious mind. This does not mean that if someone else is in a similar situation, he or she  will not feel less of Self. But surely, the intensity will depend on the way the mind thinks. It has to do with ‘how your mind imagines the future’.

The course is made of 5 sections –

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  • Reasons behind Low Self Esteem
  • Living Confidently
  • Orientation
  • Inner Self Integration Technique
  • Being emotionally wise

These two videos will help you at a base level know the reason behind your present emotional state and you will learn various ways that can help you create resilience and strategy to get your way out thereby Creating a Life full of Confidence. These videos will help you in knowing how to become more centred.

Counselling is expensive and most people mention that the effect of the highly priced service of the counsellors diminishes with time. Because you get the learning in the form of videos, you can watch them at anytime whenever you feel that the relapse is happening.

Although this video course cannot substitute counselling or therapy, but still it creates a position for you to understand and handle your emotions and move on.

Additionally you get to learn a technique called Inner Self Integration which is a set of 3 videos(out of the total 5 videos) that will help you gain control over life and develop the right strategy to live a fully functional life. This technique also enables you to achieve your life goals in much easier way.

You will learn through a step by step process, with expert guidance all the way and a course workbook with all the exercises and main points. You can write your answers defining your daily tasks that help you take action. Also the course is in a video lecture form, you can listen to it anytime again on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

This course will provide building self esteem activities. You will learn ways for building self esteem in children. You will get self confidence tips.

Incase you are really feeling that there are symptoms of clinical depression, you should seek therapy for Self Esteem from a therapist for Self Esteem Issues. This course is not a replacement to treatment for low self esteem and depression or low self esteem treatment plan or cbt for low self esteem or confidence building therapy or Counselling for Low Self-Confidence which involves low self esteem therapy exercises, self esteem therapy worksheets, self esteem therapy activities or Online Counselling for Self Esteem.

This video course provides you with basic information and can help you get immediate relief