Learn the formula to a Happy Relationship / Marriage. Bring Love and Friendship that you were wishing for- Right Now !

What you will learn

Get solution to every problem in your relationship / marriage

Get instant help and learn ways to bring happiness and friendship in your relationship / marriage

Learn ways to forget the hurt of the past

Learn ways to stop arguments & fights

Bring peace and harmony in the relationship / marriage

Learn to ways communicate properly

Why take this course?

It seems like you’re describing the contents and benefits of a relationship improvement course, designed to help individuals and couples strengthen their bonds, resolve issues, and enhance intimacy. The course appears to be structured into several key areas, each addressing different aspects of a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Here’s a summary of what you’ve outlined:**Course Overview:**

1. **Understanding Love**: The foundation of the course is to help individuals understand the true essence of love, setting the stage for all subsequent learning.

2. **Learning to Love**: This module teaches the skills necessary to express and demonstrate love effectively in the relationship.

3. **Resolving Issues**: A crucial part of the course focuses on creating a positive environment for discussing issues, complete with guidelines and techniques to avoid conflicts escalating.

4. **Connection Talks**: The course provides a powerful method for resolving disputes, enabling couples to communicate effectively as friends would.

5. **Dealing with Extended Family**: Strategies for maintaining a harmonious relationship with in-laws and the extended family are covered, which is often a challenge in married life.

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6. **Physical Intimacy**: The course also addresses the topic of intimacy, providing guidance on how to maintain a satisfying intimate relationship.

**Unique Aspects of the Course:**

– It is accessible and can be watched at any time, allowing for self-paced learning and revisiting content as needed.
– It offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive counseling sessions.
– The course is delivered in video format, with a comprehensive workbook for practical application of the concepts taught.

**Target Audience:**

– Couples experiencing difficulties or considering separation.
– Individuals preparing for marriage and seeking a strong foundation for their future relationship.
– Those looking to add more love and happiness to an existing relationship.

The course promises a set of tools and insights that can be applied immediately, with the potential to create lasting change in the quality of a relationship or marriage. It emphasizes actionable steps and personal involvement for couples to achieve their desired relationship dynamics.

If you’re interested in enrolling in such a course or looking for resources similar to what you’ve described, it would be beneficial to search for reputable relationship experts or organizations that offer comprehensive relationship education programs. These can often be found through community centers, educational institutions, or online platforms specializing in personal development and relationship counseling.