What you will learn

Deal with Infidelity in the relationship / marriage

Build resilience

Get the answers to the questions that the mind is repeatedly stuck with

Develop ability to create the needed balance and composure to decide the right steps

Learn to stop feeling miserable

Assess the situation with a composed mind and decide to continue or quit

Become capable to move forward in the right direction

Deal with the hurt of the past

Rebuild life with a fresh stand

Why take this course?

Infidelity or Cheating can shatter even the strongest relationship, leaving behind feelings of betrayal, guilt, and anger. . But there are solutions to all problems.

If you know the step by step technique to handle this challenge in your life, it is possible to put the cloud of an affair behind, and in some cases, recreate an even stronger relationship.

But incase, the affair outside is too heavy for you to bear, and parting ways is all that you want, then as well you need to take the needed steps which can help you get the balance and composure to get your life back on track.

This course can help you both ways –

1. If you you and your partner want to work on the relationship


2. If you want to evaluate whether it is right to head for the door and how to know when it’s time to call it quits. Certainly the first step is always to know the way which can bring the relationship back on track.

This course will help you understand “what’s happening with you”. And only when know the deeper aspects of the problem at hand, you can do something about them.

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You will learn –

  1. Why is your mind stuck up and what are the ways to deal with it
  2. Ways to  work on your mind and heal yourself.
  3. How to get the balance and peace back in your life
  4. Steps to rescue yourself from this loop of self blame and low emotion.
  5. Ways to create a new life once again
  6. Ways to build trust in ownself
  7. Decide the right direction for you and the relationship
  8. Understand the deeper facts and dynamics behind cheating
  9. Ways to Decide what you can or can’t live with, and what energy are you willing to invest in making things right

The course comes with a pack of 5 videos specifically constructed to help handle the situation.

The course is made of 5 sections –

  • Holding Yourself
  • Deciding the way forward
  • Orientation
  • Inner Self Integration Technique
  • Being emotionally wise

The first video helps you know the reasons behind your present emotional state.

The second video tells you the ways that help you know the right meaning of love and the steps towards creating resilience and courage to deal with the present situation

Counselling is expensive and most people mention that the effect of the highly priced service of the counsellors diminishes with time. Because you get the learning in the form of videos, you can watch them at anytime whenever you feel that the relapse is happening.

Although this video course cannot substitute counselling or therapy, but still it creates a position for you to understand and handle your emotions and move on.

Additionally you get to learn a technique called Inner Self Integration which is a set of 3 videos(out of the total 5 videos) that will help you gain control over life and develop the right strategy to live a fully functional life. This technique also enables you to achieve your life goals in much easier way.

You will learn through a step by step process, with expert guidance all the way and a course workbook with all the exercises and main points. You can write your answers, defining your daily tasks that help you take action. Also the course is in a video lecture form, you can listen to it anytime again on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.