Salesforce Admin for beginner in easiest way
How to create application in Salesforce

What you will learn

What is Salesforce

Salesforce Architecture

Salesforce Sales Application, Service Application, Marketing Application in Depth

How to create custom application and custom object in salesforce


  • Understand all of the core concepts on the exam in order to pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam
  • Administer Salesforce Like a Pro, What is CRM , What is Salesforce, What is Cloud, What is IAAS, PAAS, SAAS
  • How Salesforce is different from Other CRM based Application, Salesforce Architecture in Depth
  • Sign up and Sign in Salesforce, What is App & Object in Salesforce, What is Custom APP & Standard App ,How to Manage Standard App, How to Manage Custom App, What is Standard Object & Custom Object, How to Manage Standard Object, How to Create Custom Object  to deploy Salesforce Application
  • Understand all of the core concepts found on the Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification Exam
  • Deploy Salesforce Lightning Experience
  • Roll Out Salesforce Mobile
  • Use Salesforce Lightning
  • Learn from an Experienced Salesforce Professional
  • By the end of the course, you should be able to build an application using the declarative syntax.
  • Extensive Opportunity Record Types, Stage Customizations and more
  • Understand the high level requirements and translate that to an application on Salesforce

Join us today and unlock the potential of Salesforce Admin. Whether you aspire to become a salesforce certified developer, create your own applications, or simply gain a valuable skill, this course will set you on the path to success. Enroll now and take your first step into the exciting world of Salesforce!

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Introduction of Salesforce

Introduction, definition and Signup and Sign In
Salesforce Complete Architecture in Depth
How to Login and Manage Dashboard Under Salesforce

Salesforce Practical Implementation

How to manage Sales, Service, Marketing App in Salesforce
How to create App and Object in Saleforce