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REST API Testing with Java , REST API Automation Testing from Basic to Framework with Java & TestNG, POSTMAN

What you will learn

By end of this course,You will get complete knowledge on REST Assured API Automation Testing.

Creating REST API testing framework from scratch with Maven and TestNG.

Ready to face REST Assured API Automation Interviews.

You will understand how to generate neat API Testing Automation Execution reports.

Thorough knowledge on REST API Testing tools like POSTMAN, REST CLIENT etc

All REST Assured API automation Installation setup including Java knowledge is taken care as part of course.


REST API Testing online training course is designed to make you an expert in working with Backend API Testing.

Our Industry Experts have more experience in working with Backend Testing and will ensure that you get trained and become experts in Rest Assured API Testing Automation & REST Assured API Test Framework Designing.

You would be able to Design the API Testing Framework and pro in API Testing.

Understanding of Complete API Testing and API Testing Terminology.

How to Use PostMan and complete Knowledge of API Calling and Response Handling.

Why this course?

REST Assured API is a powerful API released by google (just like Selenium for Web)  to Automate REST API.  

In the 21st century, almost all web applications use web services to communicate or interact with each other. Most modern-day web services are built on Representational state transfer (REST) architecture; REST has gained a lot of popularity. It will continue to do the same due to its simplicity compared to other technologies.

90%of the IT industry now heading towards this API for automating Services Learn Everything You Need to Know About REST API Automation Even If You’ve Never worked Before on this domain.   

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The course covers Basics To Advanced Level With Rest AssuredPostmanJavaTestNG, RestAssured Framework Implementation & HTTP Client Framework implementation From Scratch with rich examples.

On course completion, You will be Mastered in REST API Automation and can implement Successfully it in your workplace or will surely land on High Paying Job.

We start from the Beginners’ level and go through the Advanced FRAMEWORK level. This is a single course for everything you need to know related to Rest API Manual testing and Automation.

This course explains :


  • What are API and WebServices
  • REST and SOAP Base API Testing
  • REST API Basics and Terminology
  • Getting started with REST API Testing
  • Client-Server Architecture
  • HTTP Protocol
  • REST API Requests and Response
  • REST API Testing using POSTMAN
  • JSON/XML Parsers
  • TestNG Automation Framework for REST Testing
  • Core Java Concepts for F/W implementation
  • API Automation
  • REST API Java Framework Design and Implementation
  • REST API Framework CI with Jenkins, GIT
  • Play Around JSON
  • JSON with Jackson Library
  • Supplement Tutorials and Resources
  • API Automation Tips & Tricks and Interview Material 


At the end of this course, you can pick any REST API over the internet and can automate it comfortably with all necessary validations

Happy Testing and Wish you Good luck!!!!!!!




REST API Testing Course: Introduction
Start REST API Course: RoadMap

Environment SetUp

SetUp Java on Mac Machine
Download & Install Eclipse on MAC
SetUp Java & Eclipse on Windows Machine

Java for Beginners

Create First Java Project
Java Lectures GIT Code Location
Write First Java Code File & Execute
Prove, Java is Platform Independent Language
Variable & Java DataTypes
Conditional Statements in JAVA
Loops in JAVA
Java OOPs Concepts
Constructor in Java
Static & this Keyword in Java

Object Oriented Programming

Java Inheritance
Method Overloading in Java : Polymorphism
Method Overriding in Java : Polymorphism
Super Keyword in Java
Final Keyword in Java
Abstract Class in Java
Interface in Java
Encapsulation in Java

Array in Java

Array in Java

String in Java

Concepts on String in Java
String Comparison and Concatenation
String Buffer Class
String Builder Class
String Class Methods Part – I
String Class Methods Part – II
String Class Methods Part – III
String Class Methods Part – IV

Exception Handling in Java

Java Try-Catch Block
Multi Catch and Nested Try Block
Finally Block in Java

Java Collection Framework

What is Collection Framework
Collection GIT Code Location
Iterator in Collection – Enumeration
ListIterator in Collection
List Interface in Java
ArrayList in Collection
LinkedList in Collection
Set in Java
HashSet in Java
LinkedHashSet in Java
TreeSet in Java
Map in Java
HashMap in Java
LinkedHashMap in Java

Project Build Tool : MAVEN

Maven Introduction
Configure Maven on Windows Machine
Configure Maven on Windows Machine : Text Direction
Project Code Location
Configure Maven on Mac Machine
Generate First Maven Project From Maven CLI
Maven Build Life Cycle
POM.xml File in Maven Project

API and WebServices Introduction

What is API
What is Web Services
REST vs SOAP Web Services

Basics of REST API

What is Client Server Architecture
HTTP Request & HTTP Response
What is REST API

Rest API Terminology

What is BaseURI & Rules of URI in REST
What is Rest API’s – GET, POST, PUT & DELETE

Getting Start with REST API Testing

How can we Start API Testing, Understating of APIs
First REST API Test: Start Testing using POSTMAN
POST Request Example : Add New Place in Google Map
DELETE Request Example : Delete Place form Google Map

TestNG Framework : Test Management

TestNG Introduction
Install TestNG on Eclipse
Project Code Location | Download Code
TestNG Annotations Introduction
Why Testng.Xml File
Execution Order of TestNG Annotations
Skipping Tests in TestNG
Prioritise Tests in TestNG
Assertion in TestNG : Verification & Validation
TestCase Grouping in TestNG
Set TestCase Dependency in TestNG
Test Parameterisation Using testng.xml File
DataProvider : Test Parameterization
Listeners in TestNG
Run Multiple TestNG Suites
Reporting in TestNG

Start With REST Assured

SetUp or Configure REST Assured

Get Request & Response Automation

Automate GET Request using REST Assured
Validate Response in REST Assured
Verify Response Header and Body

POST Request & Response Automation

Automate POST Request using REST Assured
Advance Validation on Response in REST Assured
End to End Case Automation

XML Handing , Utilities for Parsing the JSON/XML responses

Send XML Payload in REST Assured
Parse XML Response in REST Assured
Parse JSON Response in REST Assured
Explore Native Logging of REST Assured

Live Projects REST API Testing with REST Assured

SetUp Real World Project For Testing
Session Management in REST API Testing
Forward Session to Subsequent Request in REST Automation
Forward Session to Subsequent Request in REST Automation-2
Complete End to End Scenario Create-Update-Delete Resources

Handle OAuth Authorization in REST API using REST Assured

Application of OAuth in REST API
Handle OAuth in REST API using POSTMAN
Handle OAuth Authorization in REST API using REST Assured – Modified

Framework Designing ROAD Map

Framework Learning Map

Continuous Integration || Jenkins in Automation Framework

What is Continuous Integration || Need of CI
Download and Configure Jenkins
Execute Framework using Jenkins || Execute Tests using Jenkins

Logging in REST Framework using Log4J

Log4j Introduction and Uses in PLC
Configure Log4j in Eclipse Maven Project
Generate Log on Eclipse Console using Log4j
Write Log File using Log4j

REST Assured : REST Framework Designing & Implementation

Create & Configure REST TEST Framework Part 1
Create REST Call Functions Part 2
Implement Common Utilities Functions Part 3
First Test Case via REST Framework Part 4
Integrate Log4j in TEST Framework Part 5
Implement Utils in TEST Framework Part 6
Implement BaseTest Class in TEST Framework Part 7
Integrate Extent Report with TEST Framework Part 8
Build Framework form Jenkins Part 9

HTTP Client (Optional)

Create Structure : HTTP Client Part 1
Create Base Class: HTTP Client Part 2
Handle GET Call: HTTP Part 3
Handle Response: HTTP Client Part 4
Handle Response Header: HTTP Client Part 5
Create GET Call Test : HTTP Client Part 6
Debug Test : HTTP Client Part 7
Restructure GETCall : HTTPClient Part 8
JSON Parser : HTTP Client Part 9
JSON Array Response Validation : HTTP Client Part 10

Automation Testing Tips & Tricks

Execute Only Failed Tests in Testing
A View of HTTP Response Code

Supplement Tutorials and Resources

API Testing in 10 Minutes
API Testing CheckList
Approach of API Testing
Types of Bugs that API testing detects

API Testing Interview Questions

What is the difference between API Testing and Unit Testing?
Multipart Form Data File Uploading Made Simple with REST Assured

Automation Testing Interview Questions & Coding Problems

Most Optimized Searching in Sorted Array
Is main method compulsory in Java?
Conversion: ArrayList To Set
When to use PUT or POST in RESTful Web Service
Find Element in An Array
Search for Element in Sorted & Rotated Array
Find second largest number in an array
Find the number occurring odd number of times in an array
Find minimum number of platforms required for railway station