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*PART 1* Learn best-practice sales and marketing for your small online business easily (includes follow-along template!)

What you will learn

The four stages of successful marketing that every world-class online business follows

How to find opportunities for your business success

How to design and plan your brand, website and content to maximize your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness

How to strategize your content marketing and price your products/services properly


Learn best-practice sales and marketing for small online business managers easily (includes follow-along template!)

Do you have a small online business that is struggling to make sales?

Wondering how you can leverage some easy marketing techniques to boost your sales?

In this free course, you will learn it all!

In this first part of the course, you will learn:

  • The core teachings of successful business that all top-level businesses follow
  • How to define the available markets through keyword research
  • How to find business opportunities that fit your profile through niche analysis
  • How to conduct a business-level and product-level competitor analysis to find your edge to success


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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• Do I need any experience before starting this course?

– None at all! A simple knowledge of the online web (such as search engines like Google) is enough.  Everything else will be explained.

Will I need to buy anything else to follow the course?

Not at all! While we will explore some of the most popular tools for the job that have pricing plans, you do not require to spend a single extra cent to complete the course – or to be successful.

Do I need to take notes?

The course includes a free pre-made template for you, which is the basis for the analyses explained within the course. You can follow this template as you go through the lectures to help you structure your work.



Part 1: Structure, Finding Opportunities, Analyzing Competition

Introduction – Structure of The Course
Finding Opportunities – Keyword Research
Finding Opportunities – Niche Analysis
Competitor Analysis (Business SWOT Analysis)
Competitor Analysis (Product Analysis)
Getting Part 2