Start your journey in Roblox scripting to create anything you imagine!

What you will learn

Learn the basics of Roblox Studio!

Learn the basics of the Lua syntax!

Create your first scripts!

Start the process of learning how to create games!


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This course will highlight the many important tools in Roblox Studio you’ll need to know to start your journey as a Roblox developer!

This course is for total beginners, and no prior experience in programming is required! The course is free for you to start your scripting journey.

You will learn the basics of Roblox Studio, and how to navigate the different tabs & panels, and then we get started scripting! You’ll get to learn about Lua, a functional scripting language where you’ll learn about variables, if statements, loops, and functions! And then we take this newly learned information and apply it directly to creating scripts in Studio!

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Roblox game development can be highly rewarding, as over $500 MILLION dollars (USD) have been paid out to creators and developers in 2021. Who knows, maybe YOU can be the creator of the next biggest game on Roblox!

All source code will be made available so it’s very easy for you to look back at anything you didn’t understand the first time. Get started on your scripting journey and start to create whatever you imagine in Roblox Studio.

I’m excited to work with you in the course!




Welcome to the course!
Downloading Roblox Studio
Studio Basics
Writing your first script!

Luau Basics

What is a variable?
Different Lua data types
What is an if statement?
What is a function?
What is a loop?

Creating an Obby

Setting up the map
Scripting the checkpoints
Scripting the kill bricks
Scripting the conveyors
Scripting the trampolines
Telling a player they’ve won

Thank you!

Bonus: Thank you & what’s next?