Basic steps for beginners

What you will learn

I introduce a basic but important knowledge about deep learning

You are going to understand how deep learning works

You need approximately 2 weeks to finish this class

I’ll teach you knowledge that you have to know if you are interested in deep learning


Welcome to my lecture! Nowadays, artificial intelligence is everywhere! You can see artificial intelligence, especially deep learning everywhere. Deep learning can draw beautiful art image , deep learning can make astonishing music, deep learning can even drive! I’m pretty sure that it’s okay to say nowadays are era of deep learning. And what if you can also dive into world of deep learning? As a graduate student, i always wanted to summarize what i learned and introduce it to people to help them understand deep learning more easily. Therefore, in this lecture, we are going to learn basic and really important knowledge that you have to know if you are beginner of deep learning. Before starting this lecture, you should know basic linear algebra, basic knowledge about probability and statistics and basic python programming in advance if you want more smooth understanding. After this lecture, you’ll be ready to dive into deep learning world that change your computer from just computer to tool for deep learning. I hope you to ask anything you want to ask me about lecture, or if there’s something missing or you want to know more, let me know without any hesitation. Again, welcome to my lecture everyone!

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Introduction to deep learning

What is deep learning?

Knowledges you have to know

Perceptron 2 : Limitation of perceptron
Perceptron to Deep learning : Linearity and nonlinearity
Perceptron to Deep learning 2 : activation function
Loss functions : How can we make neural network do what we want.
Gradient decent : How can we make neural network do what we want
Gradient vanishing and Gradient Exploding
Activation function 2 : what is relu?
Optimizers 1 : Is gradient decent perfect ?
Underfitting and Overfitting : There’s no perfect neural network.
what you have to know : before starting neural network.