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Hello everyone and welcome to this JavaScript – Web Development course.

We are going to code together an application to display the level of pollution of your location in JavaScript.

We’ll code everything from A to Z, from basic HTML structure, to CSS styling, ending with JavaScript functionalities.

Knowing how to manipulate data in JavaScript is crucial, so we’ll use the fetch() method to send HTTP requests to retrieve data.

The API we’ll be using is called IQair, and good news, it’s free.

This kind of project is perfect for you to improve your web development skills, you can see a lot of key concepts there.

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As usual, the source code will be provided, as well as the starting code.

Depending on your level, you can try to create this project on your own, on your side, or follow the entire course while coding with me.

It’s up to you to do what you want with it afterwards, as a memory aid or using it in future projects.

The only forbidden thing is to redo a course / tutorial based on the same source code, that’s obvious.

As a prerequisite, simple knowledge of HTML-CSS-JS is a plus, but I explain each line of code in detail.

See you on the other side to start coding.




Project presentation and API key

Air quality app development

Coding of the HTML
Styling the app part 1
Styling the app part 2
Making the API call
Populating the UI
Pointer placement
Errors handling