Ditch the Overwhelm and Get Into Powerful Action

What you will learn

Break the cycle of overwhelm & constant troubleshooting

Easy ways to plan that feel spacious and freeing

Know how to figure out what to do next & how to prioritize your to-do list

Free up time and energy for your creative work


This is a personal productivity course for creatives of all stripes, and the focus is on simplifying so that you have more time and energy for your creative work. No productivity shaming or overwork bravado here!

This short course will show you how to ditch the overwhelm and get into powerful action towards your goals. Whether you’re an artist, photographer, writer, maker, designer, musician or any other type of creative – let’s dispel the myths about creatives being disorganized, and put some simple structures in place that create a strong foundation for your creative success.

Yes, this is about time management; but no, it’s not about squeezing ever more into your busy day. Creativity just doesn’t work like that. We’re not making widgets, right?!

Look, as and artist & coach with a background in project management, I understand time management and productivity deep in my bones. Yet because I’m also a creative, I want these concepts to support my art – not to define or confine it. So as a facilitator what you can expect from me is:

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  • Spaciousness
  • Freedom
  • Support for your creativity
  • Simple structures to make work/business easier
  • Fun and irrepressible optimism 🙂

(Oh, and a Yorkshire accent, lol!)

Learn how to get out of firefighting reactive mode and into a calm grounded space. Clear the stress of overwhelm and learn how to prioritize tasks in a way that feels really good! Here’s the running order for our short yet mighty course together:

  1. Introduction to ‘Ditch the overwhelm and get into powerful action’
  2. The cycle of overwhelm – and how to exit it
  3. Get grounded and into a calm, more proactive state
  4. Proactive Planning for success (create spaciousness in your planning)
  5. How to prioritize in a way that feels good, and get into powerful action.

Ok, ready? Let’s get started! I’m excited to share this with you!




Introduction: Ditch Overwhelm & Get into Powerful Action


Cycle of Learning

Cycle of Learning: how to Ditch Overwhelm and Stop Firefighting

Section 3: Getting Grounded

Getting Grounded

Proactive & Fun Planning

Proactive Planning

Get into Powerful Action

Get into Powerful Action (& a #truthbomb)