Mini Bootcamp – Simple, Quick and Easy; Gain Insight into your Love Life, Career Path and Personal Growth

What you will learn

Gain insight to read Tarot for YOURSELF in 5 days – SIMPLE, EASY & QUICK!

Unlock your Love Life, Career Path and Gain Insight into your Personal Growth in 5 days!

Identify your mistakes of the Past and the Recurrent reasons in the Present.

Construct a Roadmap for your Future Possibilites and Outcomes you desire in Love, Relationships and Personal Growth.


Intuitive Tarot is a Mini-Method Bootcamp to get you BIG results in reading Tarot for YOURSELF in 5 days!

Who is this for?

Intuitive Tarot is a simple, easy and quick way for anyone interested in creating their future with the Tarot.

What does it solve?

All those unanswered questions about YOUR pathway in life. Questions that are ringing around in your head such as:

  • Should I – should I not?
  • Is this the right career or business venture for me?
  • Am I really tuning into my Intuition to guide me or is it my Ego dictating to me?
  • He’s good-looking, sexy, and the sex is good, but is he really my true-life partner?

Don’t ask a Tarot reader. You have the intuition to read your life and to CREATE YOUR LIFE! Only you have the answers within you.

What results come from it?

This Mini-Method Course Bootcamp will help you to solve Your Issues. Your Problems. Lead you on Your Journey of Life. YOUR LIFE.

You will learn not to doubt yourself and make the Tarot your best friend.

How do I know? I have travelled down the path of befriending the Tarot to guide me over the last thirty years of my life in Love, Relationships, Career, and Personal growth. I have DONE IT for myself in all the walks of life I wanted, and I am now on a mission to help others to create the lives they desire with the guidance of the Tarot.

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Let me help you to Unlock your Life and Gain Insight into your Future Possibilities!

Ready? Well hit the buy button and let’s get started!

Advice from your Instructor:

This is not a magic trick of cards!

You need to do the work on yourself with the guidance of the Tarot.

The Tarot will always tell you what you need to know to get where you want to get. You create your life.

Only work with the Tarot when you have created a sacred space and are in the right energy, calm and focused on what you want direction of.

You will develop your Intuition for every direction in your life.

It is my passion to help others develop their Intuition.

The Tarot will be your Tool.



Intuitive Tarot for Women – Mini Method Course Bootcamp

Introduction and Roadmap

DAY ONE – Part 1

Remember Your Future does not just happen. Unless you let it happen TO YOU.

DAY ONE – Part 2

The Difference between Intuition and Instinct

DAY ONE – Part 3

Ego, Intuition and Instinct

DAY TWO – Part 1

Introduction to the 78 Card Tarot Card Deck. The Fool – the Journeyer.

DAY TWO – Part 2

The Major and Minor Arcanas. The Four Suits of the Minor Arcana. Crystal Energy.

DAY TWO – Part 3

The Process of reading Tarot Simply for Yourself


Intuition – Start using your Intuition. Example of a Reading to Guide you.

DAY FOUR – Part 1

The Formula. Preparation for a Tarot Reading.

DAY FOUR – Part 2

The First Reading. Clarification.

DAY FOUR – Part 3

Clarification – How to. Mastery of reading for yourself.

DAY FIVE – Part 1

How we get there. My Pledge to my Students

DAY FIVE – Part 2 – The End of the Bootcamp!

Put it all together. Prologue: Healthy Relationships – The Well of True Gestures