If you are looking for answers, look no further than your mind!

What you will learn

Learn Introspection Questions

Learn Self Inquiry

Learn Personal Development Inquiry

Learn Self Knowledge by Using the Power of Questions

Grow Beyond Philosophical Questioning

Learn Psychological Dissolving


Go inside your mind and find the answers within!

Questions have driven humanity through the ages

Our inquisitive nature has brought thousands of insights, realizations and wisdoms

By enrolling in this course and following along these sessions of Question Tennis, you will find a new self knowledge within you. . . .

What is your deepest motivation?
What is the most important question to ask?
How often do you feel moment of Beauty and Love in your life?

Where do thoughts come from?
How can you surge your Awareness and Consciousness?

Many self-help Gurus will want to give you the answers, when the only answer is the answer you find for yourself. . . .

You have your own power!
You have your own answers!

Rarely do we get the opportunity in life to have honest, positive, spirit building feedback. . . .

This course is your chance!

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Play along with these Question Tennis games from the safety of your own home, in your own time, with your own ability to have an honest reaction. . . .

What makes you feel powerful?

What are you afraid of?
Where are you going in life?

What makes you feel truly ALIVE?

You know what you need to do next. . . .

The answer to you next life decision, however big, however small, is right inside your mind. . . .

. . . . and as always, this course is delivered with a healthy does of humor!!!

Question Tennis is fun!!!

Enroll Today!!!





Question Tennis with Dosta

Session One
Session Two
Session Three
Session Four