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Elevate Your Web Development Skills: Master Back-End & Front-End Technologies with Python, Flask, Django, and Responsive

What you will learn

Fundamentals of Python web development, including an overview of Flask and Django frameworks.

Creating dynamic web applications using Flask, with a focus on routing, templating, and managing databases.

Developing scalable and secure web applications using Django, exploring its built-in admin interface, and leveraging Django’s ORM.

Crafting visually appealing and responsive web designs using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, ensuring seamless user experiences across different devices and platforms

Implementing effective navigation, layout, and typography to enhance web accessibility and usability.

Integrating front-end and back-end technologies to build full-stack web applications.

Developing practical skills through hands-on projects, giving students real-world experience and a strong web development portfolio.

Utilizing best practices for web application security, such as handling user authentication and authorization, and protecting against common vulnerabilities.

Deploying web applications to popular hosting platforms, such as Heroku or AWS, and managing the deployment process.

Optimizing web applications for performance, including techniques for minimizing load times and enhancing user experience.

Collaborating with other developers using version control systems, such as Git and GitHub.

Troubleshooting and debugging web applications to ensure smooth functionality and reliability.


Introducing “Python Web DEV Pro: Flask, Django, HTML, CSS & Bootstrap” – an all-encompassing, comprehensive course designed to transform you into a proficient full-stack web developer. This course covers everything you need to know about Python web development using the power of Flask and Django frameworks, as well as mastering front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer looking to enhance your skillset, this course will provide a solid foundation and practical knowledge to build and deploy cutting-edge web applications.

Throughout this course, you will explore the core components of Flask and Django, two popular Python-based web development frameworks. You will learn how to harness their flexibility and efficiency to create dynamic, data-driven websites. Our expert instructors will guide you through topics such as routing, templating, authentication, and deployment, ensuring you gain hands-on experience in creating secure, scalable, and efficient web applications.

In addition to mastering the back end, this course will delve into essential front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. You will learn how to craft beautiful and responsive user interfaces, ensuring seamless user experiences across various devices and platforms. Our curated curriculum will help you understand the intricacies of designing accessible, mobile-first websites while adhering to industry best practices and web standards.

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Key course features include:

  1. Comprehensive coverage of Flask, Django, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.
  2. Practical, project-based learning to help you build a strong web development portfolio.
  3. Expert guidance and support from experienced instructors.
  4. Interactive, engaging content designed to facilitate learning at your own pace.
  5. A vibrant community of learners to foster networking and collaboration.

By the end of “Python Web DEV Pro: Flask, Django, HTML, CSS & Bootstrap,” you will possess the skills and confidence to tackle real-world web development challenges. You will be well-equipped to design, develop, and deploy robust web applications using the powerful combination of Python, Flask, Django, and front-end technologies. Enroll today and embark on your journey to become a full-stack web development pro!



Development Environment Setup

Development Environment Setup Windows OS
Sublime Text
Development Environment Setup MAC OS

Introduction To HTML

Introduction To HTML
Development Environment Setup For HTML/CSS/ BootStrap
First Web Page
Comments In HTML
Paragraphs In HTML
Style In HTML
Text Formatting In HTML
Quotation In HTML
Links In HTML
List In HTML
Tables In HTML
Forms In HTML
HTML Milestone Project

Introduction To CSS

CSS Basics and Comments
CSS Colors
CSS Background
CSS Box Model(margin,padding,border)
CSS Outline,text,fonts
CSS Links,lists,tables
CSS Position (static, relative,etc)
CSS Display, Max-width,Z-index
CSS Nav Bar
CSS Dropdown
CSS height, width, opacity
CSS Float
CSS OverFlow
CSS Icons
CSS Image Gallery
CSS Forms
CSS Milestone Project

Introduction To BootStrap

BootStrap One Shot

Python Crash Course in 90 Minutes for Beginners

Python in 120 Seconds
Python Under 90 Minuties

Basics of Flask

Flask Setup
Dynamic Flask App
Render HTML Template

Todo List App

Todo List App

Flask CCTV

Flask CCTV

Flask Meme Website

Flask Meme Website

First Django Project

First Django Project

Project 1 :- Password Generator Applictation Using Django

Password Generator Applictation Using Django – Part-1
Password Generator Applictation Using Django – Part-2
Password Generator Applictation Using Django – Part-3

Weather App

Weather App

Blog Project

Blog – 1
Blog – 2
Blog – 3