ChatGPT Prompt Engineering from Basic to advance and make customize ChatBot with OpenAI ,ChatGPT and Google Colab(free)

What you will learn

You will learn the Prompt Developments with OpeanAI and ChatGPT from basic to advance

You will learn AI Prompt to generate responses that are aligned with the user’s query or intent, ensuring relevance and accuracy in the information provid

Learn context setting of prompt .You can set the behaviour of the chatbot and Assistant and customize it according to your requirement.

Learn to guide the AI to produce unique and imaginative content based on the given themes or descriptions.


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  • Explore the Future of AI: Master Prompt Development with OpenAI, ChatGPT, and Google Colab.
  • Revolutionize Dining with AI: Building Your Own Restaurant Ordering Chatbot.
  • From Beginner to Pro: Navigating the World of AI with ChatGPT and Google Colab” “Step into the AI Arena: Expert Guidance on Developing Prompts with OpenAI’s Cutting-Edge Tools.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: Advanced Techniques in AI Prompt Crafting with OpenAI chatGPT.
  • Empower Your AI Journey: Tailor-Made Course for Perfecting Prompts in ChatGPT and Google Colab.
  • Advance section
  • Mastering Iterative Prompt Development: A Step-by-Step Guide.Enhancing AI Interaction: The Art of Iterative Prompt Refinement
  • Unlocking the Power of Summarizing: Effective Prompt Development Techniques. Crafting Concise Prompts: A Comprehensive Guide to Summarization Mastery
  • Decoding the Subtleties: A Deep Dive into Inferring Prompt Development. Inferring Prompt Development: Unveiling the Secrets for Enhanced AI Interaction
  • Transforming prompt for Developer
  • Expanding Prompt Development: Mastering the Art of Detailed AI Guidance.Beyond the Basics: Advanced Techniques for Expanding AI Prompts.
  • Step-by-Step Guide: Crafting an Intelligent Chatbot for Restaurant Orders.Enhance the Dining Experience: Develop a Chatbot for Efficient Restaurant Service.
  • Bringing Tech to the Table: A Comprehensive Course on Restaurant Chatbot Development” “From Concept to Conversation: Creating a User-Friendly Chatbot for Restaurant Orders”



ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Syllabus
What is use of ChatGPT prompt for developer?
TWO Types of LLMs

Prompt Basic

OpenAPI and Google Colab Set up and write First prompt to Summarize

Prompt Principles

Prompt First Principle Type-1 Use Delimiters
Prompt First Principle Type (2-4) Structured ,Condition,Few Shot Prompting
Prompt Second Principle
Prompt Second Principle Coding
Prompt Google colab code

Iterative prompt Developments

What is Iterative Prompt Developement
Iterative Prompt Developments Coding
Iterative Prompt Development Advance
Iterative Prompt Development Advance Coding
Prompt Google colab code


Summarizing code
Summarizing Multiple Product code
Prompt Google colab code

Inferring Prompt Developments

Inferring sentiment
Inferring emotion and Inferring multiple task
Prompt Google colab code

Transforming Prompt Development

Transformation Multiple Sentence
Transformation-Correct the grammar mistake
Prompt Google colab code

Expanding Prompt Developments

Expanding Prompt and Create Automated Custom Email Response
Prompt Google colab code

Make Powerful ChatBot

Chatbot function intro
Working flow of Order Bot of Restaurant
Order Bot of Restaurant Code
Project code