Learn python concepts and topics in a simple, fast and practical way.

What you will learn

Python syntax and basics, builtin functions

list, tuple, set, dictionary

classes and object oriented, working with files, error handling,

data visualization and basics of web application.


Welcome to Python Quick start tutorial course. What you will learn in this course: Fundamentals of python, functions, list, tuple, set, dictionary, classes and object oriented, working with files, error handling, data visualization and basics of web application with python.

Syntax in python is simple and easy to read and understand. And by syntax we mean a set of rules that define how to write a correct Python program. It includes rules for naming variables, using punctuation, formatting code, defining methods, etc. We will cover the fundamental ones in section 1.

Python supports several data types including integers, floats, strings, booleans, lists and so on. The primitive data types are covered in section 2. Python also has many built-in functions that can be used without the need to import any additional modules.

In section 3, I explain python decision flow with if, else if and else statements. I also teach you how to write for loop and while loop in python. At the end of this section, you are challenged to write your own code to program a traffic speed camera. You will find it easy and fun after watching this video.

In section 4, you will understand how to use functions and modules in Python.

The remaining of the sections is as follows:

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5. List, Tuple

6. Sets, Dictionaries

7. Classes and Object Oriented

8. Files

9-11. (will be added)



The Basics of Python Part 1

Syntax, comments, and variables
Operators and expressions

The basics of Python Part 2

Data types and built-in functions
Run Python Code

Conditions and Loops

if, elif, else
for and while loops
Coding challenge 1

Functions and Modules

Functions and Function Scope
Modules: Builtin and User Defined
Coding challenge 2

List and Tuple

Data Structure and Lists

Sets and Dictionaries

Coding challenge 3

Classes and Object Oriented

Class and Object
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Coding challenge 4


Open and Read a File
Writing to a File
CSV Files
Coding challenge 5