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Learn Python Financial Analysis Using Real-World Financial Data and Python Programming

What you will learn

Perform Financial Analysis

Learn How To Code In Python

Calculate Risk And Return Of Investment Portfolios

Apply best Practices When Working With Financial Data

Learn How To Get Into Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Investing

Python Financial Stock Analysis

Stock Fundamentals

Investment Fundamentals

Python Fundamentals

Learn Format And Display Stock Data In Microsoft Excel

Build Investment Portfolios


Do you want to get into Python Financial Programming?

Do you want to get into Stock Investing?

Then this course is all you need to get started! In this course you will learn Financial Stock Analysis using the Python programming language and the Yahoo Finance Python library. This course covers:

  • What is a stock?
  • Stock Types
  • How To Buy Stocks?
  • Supply And Demands Drives Prices
  • What Is A Portfolio?
  • Building A Portfolio
  • Investment Goals
  • Risk vs Reward
  • Python Programming Fundamentals
  • Fetching Of Stock Data
  • Creation of Stock Charts
  • Stock Analysis
  • Stock Data Normalization.

The implementation will take place within the Jupyter Notebook which we will install using the Anaconda data science platform.

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This course is for beginners and people with minor experience, this means that we will go through all the fundamentals to build a solid foundation that allow you to start Python programming using real company stock data. Company data included in this course is Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Xpeng.  The course is build from the ground up to ensure that every section builds on top of what the previous sections has taught.

Bonus: As a bonus this course also includes three lectures on how to get started with Crypto investing and Bitcoins.

Learn how to buy your first bitcoins. These lectures will teach you how to use Coinbase and Electrum. During the bonus lectures we will walk through the following three steps.

  • Create your own wallet
  • Buy bitcoins from a trusted broker
  • Transfer the coins to your wallet.




Stock Fundamentals

What Is Stocks?
Stock Types
How To buy Stocks
Supply and Demand drives the price

Investment Fundamentals

Investment Section introduction
What is a portfolio?
Building a Portfolio
Investment Goals
Risk vs Reward
(Bonus) How to Buy/Invest in Bitcoins
(Bonus) Crypto Wallets – Types explained
(Bonus) What is a Blockchain?

Python Fundamentals


Python and Stock Data

Fetch Your First Stock Data using Python
Build Stock Charts Using Python
Measure Stock Performance
Stock Performance Frequency
Stock Risk Analysis

Optional (Stock data in Excel)

Tips and tricks to format Stock data using Microsoft Excel