Psychological Safety at work for Employee Wellbeing, Performance and Innovation.

What you will learn

Understand what Psychological Safety at Workplace is.

Able to identify and measure Psychological Safety at any Workplace.

Understand the factors impacting Psychological Safety at work.

Get equipped with the solution to make workplace psychologically safe.


Psychological Safety in the workplace is an important aspect which many tend to neglect.

Building a work environment where everyone feels safe is very crucial.

Psychological safety is not new; however, this has popped up more after Covid.

In this Course on Psychological Safety at Workplace, we will be understand

How employees can identify if psychological safety is there at the workspace through certain signs

How business can Check is their workplace has psychological safety

What is a psychologically safe workplace?

What Psychological Safety Reveals about the Work Culture

Research on Psychological Safety

Importance of Psychological Safety

Why Psychological Safety in the Workplace Matters

Factors impacting Psychological Safety at Workplace

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Who is responsible for Psychological Safety at the workplace?

What is the solution for this problem

How and why we should change our Method

Mechanism to check Psychological Safety at Workplace

Tips for Leaders

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.

At work, it’s a shared expectation held by members of a team that teammates will not embarrass, reject, or punish them for sharing ideas, taking risks, or soliciting feedback.

Psychological safety at work doesn’t mean that everybody is nice to each other all the time.

It means that people feel free to “brainstorm out loud,” voice half-finished thoughts, openly challenge the status quo, share feedback, and work through disagreements together — knowing that leaders value honesty, candor, and truth-telling, and that team members will have one another’s backs.

When psychological safety in the workplace is present, people feel comfortable bringing their full, authentic selves to work and are okay with “laying themselves on the line” in front of others. And organizations with psychologically safe work environments — where employees feel free to ask bold questions, share concerns, ask for help, and take calculated risks — are all the better for it.




Learning Objectives


Signs for employees
Quick Check for Business

Understanding Psychological Safety at Workplace

What is Psychological Safety at Workplace
What Psychological Safety Reveals About Your Workplace
Importance of Psychological Safety at Workplace
Why Psychological Safety in the Workplace Matters

Responsibility and factors

Factors Affecting Psychological Safety at Workplace
Who is responsible for Psychological Safety at Workplace

The Solution

The Solution and Mechanism to Check
The Change
Mechanism To Check Psychological Safety at Workplace
Tips for Leaders
17. The Four Stages of Psychological Safety

Wrap Up

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