How To Build Dashboards That Matter

What you will learn

Understand the core principles of data visualization and how to apply them to dashboard design.

Master the 6-step system to create efficient and insightful dashboards.

Learn to use analytics tools effectively to gather and interpret data.

Complete a case study to apply the learned concepts in a practical, real-world scenario.


The 6-Step Dashboard System is a comprehensive and advanced course specifically designed for professionals and students with a foundational understanding of data analysis and data engineering. This in-depth course aims to augment these existing skills by focusing on the crucial art of analytics and data visualization, particularly in creating effective and insightful dashboards.

Across the various modules of this course, learners will discover how to utilize a unique 6-step system that transforms raw data into meaningful and impactful visual narratives. This systematic approach not only enhances your understanding of dashboard design but also instills a refined data-driven decision-making process.

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Through a blend of theory and practical exercises, students will gain hands-on experience interpreting data and applying essential design principles. The course offers interactive tasks where you will put these newly acquired skills to the test, crafting your dashboards that effectively communicate data stories.

Whether you’re a data analyst striving to better your reporting techniques, a business analyst aspiring to employ data visualization for more insightful decisions, or a student aiming to upskill in the data field, “The 6-Step Dashboard System” is your roadmap to mastery. This course not only enriches your technical proficiency but also fosters a data-centric mindset that is invaluable in today’s data-driven world. Your quest towards excelling in data visualization starts here.



Module 01: Welcome to The 6-Step Dashboard System

101: Introduction
102: What is The 6-Step Dashboard System?
103: Mythbusting
104: Why Use the 6-Step Dashboard System?

Module 02: Step 1 – The Stakeholder Interview

201: What is the Interview
202: How to Prepare for the Interview?
203: Activity – Data Interview Brainstorm
204: Activity – Mock Interview
205: Schedule and Final Preparation

Module 03: Step 2 – Explore & Prototype

301: Let’s Discuss Exploring The Data
302: Getting Started with Low-Fidelity Prototyping
303: Activity – Prototyping Preparation
304: Design Principles
305: Activity – Solving the Puzzle
306: Wrapping up the Prototype

Section 04: Step 3 – Stakeholder Presentation

401: Show and Tell
402: Iterate

Module 05: Step 4 – Data Engineering

501: ETL
502: The Data Model

Module 06: Step 5 – Data Visualization

601: Data Viz

Module 07: Step 6 – Testing, Refining, and Delivery

701: Testing
702: Refining
703: Delivery