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Your journey as a Product Owner begins here

What you will learn

Understand the role of Product Owner and difference between Product Owner and Product Manager

List the key qualities that a Product Owner has to possess in order to succeed in the role

Identify own strengths and weaknesses and define the plan to leverage strengths and improve on weaknesses

Understand the key principles of Agile product development

Plan and conduct customer research

Build simple customer personas and customer journeys

Develop product vision and product roadmap

Drive the product development process and stakeholders communication

Identify and fix issues with the team’s health

Understand the difference between outcomes, outputs and team’s health

Practice asking the right questions to ensure best product outcomes

Estimate work using story points and t-shirt sizes

Adjust to highly volatile and complex environment

Practice creativity and flexibility

Give actionable feedback that supports personal growth and is not faced with hostility

Receive feedback without hard feelings and achieve continuous personal growth

Facilitate meetings and events, ensuring the best outcomes

Understand the difference between Jira and Trello

Use advanced functionality of Miro, Zoom and Slack

Know what and when can and should be outsourced


Product Owner is a relatively new, yet very hot role with rapidly growing demand. According to Glassdoor the median salary of a Product Owner is $107,368 in US. Whether you are already stepping into this role, or are only considering to become a PO in the near future, this course is for you.

After completing this course you will develop a good understanding of the role (who Product Owners are and what they do), the craft (what constitutes the majority of their day to day work), the skills and the tools you need to master in order to be successful. We will cover all the basics of customer research, product planning, working with a team and with stakeholders. Most of the lessons are followed by practical exercises which would allow you to immediately apply the new knowledge and skills, identify your strengths and weaknesses and gradually become a good Product Owner.

It is impossible to learn a new profession in 3 hours, but this course will provide you with all the information you need to get started. In the following courses of this series we will be diving deeper into different aspects of the profession, so after nailing all the basics you will know what you need to learn and practice next.

What should you expect after completing this course?

You will develop an in-depth understanding of the profession, key skills and tools. You will know what are your strengths that will help you to excel in the Product Owner role and you will understand in which areas you need to gain additional knowledge or practice. You will develop a fluency in Product Owner lingo, and will have enough theoretical knowledge to start interviewing for the junior Product Owner roles. You will master a number of useful tools that you can add to your resume and you will be able to confidently navigate product planning and development processes.

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Emm… What about Product Managers?

We will discuss it in the course, but in most companies the roles of PO and PM often overlap. So if you are a Product Manager or are aspiring to become one, chances are high you will find this course very useful. If in doubt, check out the first lesson (free preview is available) and decide if it’s relevant to you or not.

Why this course?

Your instructor is an enterprise Agile Coach (ex-Indeed and ex-McKinsey) who has trained thousands of people, hundreds of teams and dozens of organizations throughout her career. I have developed and conducted multiple trainings and bootcamp programs for Product Owners and Product Managers, coaching both those who are new to the role as well as senior POs and PMs looking to acquire new skills. I focus on practical aspects, give you actionable tools and help you to make your new skills stick. I care about your success and I want to see more skillful and motivated Product Owners in this world!

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Understanding the role of Product Owner

Role of Product Owner
ACTIVITY: How comfortable are you with Product Owner role
Product Owner or Product Manager? Understanding the difference
Product Owner qualities
ACTIVITY: Exploring your strengths as a Product Owner
What is Agile?
ACTIVITY: How can you be more Agile?
Section 1 quiz

Product Owner Craft

Customer research – what why and how
ACTIVITY: Planning customer research for your product
Product planning
ACTIVITY: Building vision and roadmap
Inspect and adapt mindset
Driving the team
Section 2 quiz

Product Owner Skills

Asking the right questions
ACTIVITY: preparing questions
Estimation and prioritization
ACTIVITY: practicing estimation and prioritization techniques
Adjusting to change
ACTIVITY: practicing flexibility and creativity
Feedback and its importance
ACTIVITY: giving the right feedback
Section 3 – quiz


Backlog – Jira, Trello
Online collaboration – Miro
Online conferencing – Zoom
Team communication – Slack
About analytics
About outsourcing
Section 4 quiz


Course conclusion