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Learn How to Use the Power of Picsart Mobile App to Take Your Photo Editing to the Next Level

What you will learn

Learning about all the photo editing settings in Picsart

Learning how to remove backgrounds in challenging portraits

Learning how to do professional Portrait Retouching in Picasrt

Performing advanced edits in Picsart to create dramatic portraits

Understanding the application of blending modes

Learning how to use the very popular Draw Tool in Picsart to work with multiple layers


Do you want to learn how to use the Picsart mobile app to take your photo editing to the next level?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

This course will help you master Picsart even if you have never used the app before. And even if you are someone who is familiar with the app, you are bound to find things which you never thought were possible in Picsart.

With over 500 million downloads already, Picsart has already established itself as a part of the elite editing software group which includes apps like Photoshop, Lightroom and Snapseed.

Even though Picsart has a premium version available, we will be using only the FREE version of the app for this course and what you will find out is that free version has everything you need to be able to edit your photos.

Here is how this course is structured:

You will be getting your hands on all the images used in the course so you can edit along with me.

  • 1st Image – Creating a Dramatic Portrait

Here you will be learning how to use the basic adjustment settings in Picsart  to help you get warmed up. But after we are done with the basic settings, we will also be using some advanced tools like Cloning and Lens Flare to totally turn a normal looking portrait shot into a very dramatic one.

  • 2nd Image – Cutting & Replacing Background and Basic Retouching

Picsart is widely used for its ability to cut out the subject from a background in a very easy and automated way. We will be learning how to do that and also seeing some basic Retouching tools.

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  • 3rd Image – Using Blending Modes to Replace the Sky in Landscapes

One of the features that makes Picsart almost as powerful as Photoshop and Snapseed is the ability to use Blending Modes. In this edit we will be understanding the concept behind blending modes, how they work and finally using them seamlessly replace the sky in a Landscape shot.

  • 4th Image – Creating a Face Text Portrait by Using Blending Modes

This is the edit where we’ll actually be seeing the real power of using Blending Modes because we will be creating a Face Text effect by blending in a Word Cloud on a Face in a way that it looks like the words have been painted on the Face. This edit will really blow your mind away.

  • 5th Image – Professional Portrait  Retouching

One of the best and most unique part about Picsart is that it has a separate panel for Retouching has SO MANY retouching settings and functions that you can actually perform professional level retouching using this free app. It’s really awesome because none of the other editing apps provide such a feature. In this edit I will be showing you how to retouch a Portrait from scratch.

  • 6th Image – Removing Background in a Challenging and Complex Shot

Even though Picsart has the Cutout tool which automatically selects the subject, it often does not give the desired result especially in complex images like a subject with long hair. The Cutout tool doesn’t pick up the small gaps between the hair. In such a situation we need to create manual masks by turning the image into black and white colored sections based on the contrast in the image. This is what we will be learning in this section.

  • 7th ImageCinematic Editing

Cinematic editing is becoming more and more popular. This is where you create desaturated and dramatic looking shots from normal images. In this edit, I will be showing you the complete process of how to create a cinematic image from scratch.

Picsart is becoming more and more popular among serious editors and the fact that it provides a ton of powerful features which are even comparable to some paid software makes it a must-learn for any photographer.

So don’t wait any longer!

Sign up tight now and let me help you MASTER the Picsart app!



Introduction to the Course

Some Important Points Before We Start
Download Your Work-Along Images

Editing the First Image (Creating a Dramatic Portrait)

Part 1 – Cropping, Masking and Basic Adjustments
Part 2 – Basic Adjustment Settings and Saving a Picsart Project
Part 3 – Cloning and Lens Flare
Part 4 – Adding a Vignette and Watermark
How to Create a Photography Logo and Watermark

Editing the Second Image (Cutting & Replacing Background and Basic Retouching)

Part 1 – Using the Cut Out Tool to Replace Background
Part 2 – Using the Draw Tool and Blemish Removal Tool

Editing the Third Image (Using Blending Modes to Replace the Sky in Landscapes)

Part 1 – Understanding the Concept of Blending Modes
Part 2 – Understanding the Concept of Blending Modes
Part 3 – Applying Blending Modes and Masking in Picsart

Editing the Fourth Image (Creating a Face Text Portrait by Using Blending Modes)

Part 1 – Cutting Out The Subject From the Background
Part 2 – Using the Draw Tool to Blend in the Word Cloud on the Face
Part 3 – Creating Your Own Custom Word Cloud

Editing the Fifth Image (Retouching Portraits)

Part 1 – Correcting the Skin Color by Removing Unwanted Color Cast
Part 2 – Blemish Removal and Skin Tone Correction
Part 3 – Smoothening the Skin in the Correct Way
More Videos to be Added

Editing the Seventh Image (Creating a Dramatic and Cinematic Image)