Learn better with simple, proven habits to instantly maximise your brain power and boost your study skills

What you will learn

Smarter learning – simple, effective learning strategies that will empower automatic learning

Deeper learning – learn memory and study skills in a way that feels personal and motivating for you

Happier learning and personal development- fall back in love with learning

Fulfil your potential, apply what you learn everyday and strengthen your skills

Develop automatic habits that make learning more powerful and fulfilling

Whether it’s better grades or career success – this is lifelong learning for all


Personal development is fundamental to all of us. We all want to improve, develop, and move forward – to change for the better – but how can we learn more effectively and enjoy learning more? Improve our memory and study skills.

Many people find that traditional learning doesn’t work for them. Ebinghaus shows that we forget 95% in 3 days unless we learn properly.

This simple ‘quick boost’ course will empower you to instantly start learning better, improve learning strategies and develop habits that become automatic – leading to lifelong learning.

Developed by an experienced, award-winning educator, university lecturer and entrepreneur, this course will help you perform better, improve your grades, and make the most of your potential.

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What is smarter, deeper and happier learning?

With smart learning you’ll learn to more effective and efficient, retain and retrieve information better and apply your learning to real world situations. To deepen your learning we help you understand the PEARS methodology thatΒ  leads to happier learning. It’s all about Preparing, Engaging, Applying, Reflecting and Strengthening how you learn.

In our consumer survey, the majority ranked being happier as the being the most important aspect of learning. To be happier, they wanted to understand why they were learning, what mattered, how they would apply it, learn in bitesized and flexible ways and enjoy the process. That’s where we come in. Once you’ve finished the course you’ll:

  • Be more motivated, ready to learn and improve your grades or career
  • Understand how your brain works and the importance of automatic learning
  • Discover the latest research with real world examples and case studies
  • Create your own personal learning to help you fulfil your true potential
  • Improve learning reflection, memory retention and insight retrieval
  • Understand how to strengthen your learning and maximise your brain power everyday

Finally, you get 10 detailed tips to effect smarter, happier and deeper learning plus access to our exclusive learning material.




Introduction to the course
What is smarter, deeper, happier learning?

Better Learning

What is learning?
A lot of bad learning
Start with this
What is happy learning?
What helps you learn?

10 Tips

Tip 1 – Warm up
Tip 2 – Motivation statement
Tip 3 – Mix it up
Tip 4 – Interleaving
Tip 5 – Chunking
Tip 6 – Note taking
Tip 7 – Get real world
Tip 8 – Reflecting
Tip 9 – Interact
Tip 10 – Lifestyle


20 – Summary