How to get your PhD in ONE year

What you will learn

The principles of a doctorate degree

How to get a PhD

Doing a PhD without having to do a 80,000 word dissertation

How to get a PhD while working and on a budget

How to research a topic for your PhD


A PhD by portfolio can be completed within one year. The award enables candidates to obtain academic recognition for pre existing research, comprehensive research skills and subject knowledge that meets a doctoral level.

The programme is completed remotely, suitable for hard working executives who cannot afford to take time away from work.

The PhD by portfolio programme is a fast track programme that takes place entirely ONLINE. Students can complete the programme within 1 academic year, to gain a Swiss quality doctorate degree.

A PhD by portfolio will provide an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in today’s workforce and the confidence to further career prospects. It will enhance key business skills and make it possible to achieve professional and personal goals.

SSBR is fully Swiss accredited

This course of the PhD by Portfolio is on data collecting process, and in particular, how to use

secondary data, collect data through observation, interviews and questionnaires. data. At the end of course, students

would have developed the capacity to understanding how data can be collected and how to analyze quantitative data.

The course is designed to acquaint researchers with the principles of data collecting methods as well as analyzing quantitative data.

Research Strategies

Framework and hypotheses

Research Plan

Research Process


Using Secondary Data

Collecting Primary Data through Observation

Collecting Primary Data through Interviews

Collecting Primary Data using Questionnaires

Analyzing Quantitative Data

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Our PhD students are guided throughout the entire programme by a business mentor, working to complete 3 research-based projects.

Course Breakdown

3 projects to be completed normally in 1 year, but can be extended.

Project 1 – Leadership and Strategic Management

Project 2 – Problem Solving and Decision Making

Project 3 – Specialist Area (Finance, HR, Marketing, Management, Operations, Accounting)

Each project is worth 80 ECTS credits.


  • To demonstrate the knowledge of the most advanced frontiers of a field of work
  • To evidence the most advanced and specialised skills and techniques including synthesis and evaluation, required to solve critical business problems and to extend or redefine professional practice
  • To develop new ideas or processes at the forefront of work
  • To deliver substantial authority, innovation, authority and professional integrity




Introduction to the PhD by Portfolio


Intro to research

Intro to research 2

Research Design

Research design

Research design 2


Sampling 1

Sampling 2

Research process

Secondary Research

Secondary Research