Logical Thinking without Programming Language

What you will learn

Developing a logic for programming in any Programming Language

Convert any student or professional to Logical Thinker

Basic mathematics is required to learn Logic Development for any Programming Language

One understand the base behind mathematics that help to think Logically

Use of conventional mathematics to logical thinking to computer program


This course is for all of us who can think logically. This course try to make you understand that Programming is independent of any Programming Language. So, if you want to become a programmer. try to think logically. move to logical thinking and that help you to write the program in any programming language. In case you are a beginner or the student of engineering you can start with this course. In case you are a developer working on some project in some specific language and hesitate to switch to some other language, this course will help you improve your confidence. Working with this course and completing this will help you to improve your confidence level in programming. This course will help you in case you move step by step, so, do not jump. Complete one topic and then move to the next topic as all this content are dependent on previous information. Following this course and learning the way to develop logic, one can write a simple program in any functional programming language. Also on can understand to create function in any object oriented language. The only concept you have to learn is the syntax of the programming language you want to use to write the program.






PreRequisite to Learn Logical Development in this Course

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Pre-Requisite to Learn Logic Development

Flow for Logical Development

Understanding Control Statements with examples

Understand the Syntex and Semantic of Loop for Logic Development

Example of for loop using its Syntex and Semantic

Understand the Syntax and Semantic of while loop with Example

Understand the syntex and semantic of if

Creating Function