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Creative leadership: practical leadership; better leadership – a short course to success!

What you will learn

Delegate effectively

Develop own skills

Identify creativity you never knew you had

Save time

Become more effective

How to establish a happy environment – within yourself and outside


It may seem that this 9.5 hours course is rather short…but that would be misleading because:

  • This is a short course…and yet it is not as you revisit as you change
  • Ten short lessons…you become a better leader.

It seems strange and yet both the statements are true – but only if you choose to make it so.

There are ONLY ten lectures: true. But they are ONLY short if you watch them once and do nothing. These lectures are made to watch time and time again because each lecture contains exercises you are to respond to, areas to investigate, key points to learn, articles.

Uniquely among leadership courses you are given prompts and then asked to imagine the prompt is the only prompt that you have to base a lecture on.

  • What does it tell you?
  • How can you use it to deliver a speech?

You then post in the Q/A.

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Don’t worry if no ideas come to mind – they will be suggested.

In another aspect of the lecture you will be given a list of leadership qualities – and then ‘tested’ to see if you remember them!

Layer upon layer – that’s why these short lectures need to be watched, absorbed and acted on – repeatedly.

Leadership is not ‘learnt’ by academic study but by application – and that is what this course does: urges you to apply.

This course includes:

  • Homework assignments
  • Creativity exercises
  • Multiple choice
  • Oxford Diploma (short course)




The main section

Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6
Lecture 7
Lecture 8
Lecture 9
Lecture 10
Lecture 11
Lecture 12