17 Steps To Complete On-Page SEO Training To Rank Blog Post On #1 Using Free Tool

What you will learn

On-Page SEO Step-by-Step Process.

It’s Can Be Use By Both Blogger & WordPress Users.

Tool Has Scoring System to Track Your SEO.

Prstha Tool Can Be Used On Both After & Before Writing Blog Post.

You Will Learn Systematic Process Of Writing Of Blog Post Which Helps In Ranking In Google.

You Will Learn New Tool.



This course is about Optimizing Blog Post {On-Page SEO}

We are going to do On-Page SEO Using Free Tool.

It’s Totally Free of cost anyone can use it.

  • No Signup Required.
  • No Monthly/Yearly Subscription Required.
  • The tool is Open For Everyone.    There are 17 Steps You need to follow.

There are Some questions I want to clear.

What This Course is About?

  • This course is about optimizing your blog posts to rank #1 on Google, Bing, Baidu…

How This Course Can Help You?

  • There are few simple steps you need to follow.
  • In this course, I’ve explained everything with live real-world practical examples.
  • This Course Help You achieve to get on the top page of Google.

Who is this Course For?

  • This course is for everyone Beginner to Expert.
  • Those who are new to Blogging Industry or want to know in-depth about On-Page SEO.

Who I am to Tech this course?

  • Hey guys I’m Sagar Founder of Tech Error Report.
  • As a Beginner, I’ve struggled a lot without any proper guidance in the blogging industry as years passed I’ve gained experience using that experience I built a Tool to guide a beginner on the proper path of blogging. My Tool help to do proper On-Page SEO On your Blog Post.
  • If I want I could keep it commercially on a subscription base. As a beginner Blogger, I’ve struggled a lot keeping in that mind I built the tool and provided it for Free of Cost I left it open public to Use for free.






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About Me

About Prstha Tool

Starting Of Tool

Adding Of Title In The Tool

Keyword In Title

Front Keyword

Number In Title

Power Word

Positive & Negative Words

Focused URL

SHO(P) Technique

Focused Sub-Header



Blog Post Length

Inbox Yourself

Very Final